Saturday, January 26, 2013


I woke up this morning to drive Jess to winter percussion and the fog was still here.

The roads were slippery so I had to drive slow.  Driving in the fog can be dangerous, if you drive slow on the freeway that can cause problems as well.

Jake worked late at the Spanish Fork Costco last night so I stayed up until he got home.

Driving in the daylight isn't as stressful as the nighttime.  Jess had to take a College Algebra test at the UVU testing center last night.  On the way home I tried to teach my girls when they are caught driving in thick fog please drive where there are street lights.  When we turned on Geneva Road there were no lights for about a mile.  That's when I started praying silently.

Fog does have a stillness that in some ways is calm and pretty, but I sure hate driving in it!