Monday, January 7, 2013


We got an Omega 350 Juicer for Christmas.  GW did all the research on what kind of Juicer he wanted to buy.  The first day he made a green drink I thought I was going to throw up. GW had no difficulty, he drank it in one gulp. I had to literally plug my nose because the smell was so awful.  It reminded me of mowing our lawn in the summer, taking the grass clippings, and putting them into the Juicer.
After a few dry heaves, and a few hours, I finally drank my first glass.

It's been one week and we are getting better at what we like to add to our energy drink. The kale and celery have been cut way back. We have also made three different kinds of fruit juices and they are delicious! Two of our girls don't like all the pulp, but the other half of the family doesn't seem to mind.

I think what makes the green drink much more edible, are more grapes, and part of a Anaheim pepper.  

We are not doing a juice fast, but we are trying to add more nutrients to our diet.
I must admit after drinking a chocolate shake I feel sluggish.  After drinking a green drink, I'm feeling great!