Monday, September 9, 2013

Sister Florida

Hey Family!!!!!!!
Heard ya'll had a Micro-Burst! Fun! There haven't been any real big storms out here. Just a lot of rain. And not so much of it lately. We've had a really good week! Our key indicators are a little bit higher this week, but there was also a lot of contacting going on. Our potentials are starting to multiply! We gave out quite a few Book of Mormons. We have a goal of using our time more effectively this next week to try and cut out all the fluff time that seems to go on.
Last District meeting Elder Gao had us to the Christlike Attributes Activity. Elder Gao is back as my District Leader again! He got moved to YSA to get all of the Chinese people on campus. We'll see how it goes. It was a super good District Meeting. :)
Member involvement is kicking off! The Ward Counsel gave us a list of names they thought would be good to go to our Book of Mormon class (for them and for our investigators) and so far the few we've asked said they would come. Some of them are even inviting friends! We talked to the Elder's quorum President on Sunday and he described this ward in a nutshell. Busy. Very Busy. Hopefully we can instill the idea that they can be busy and share the gospel at the same time. We're scheduled to speak in Sacrament Meeting either this Sunday or next Sunday about being Member Missionaries. The Ward Mission Leader ordered special m&m's with scripture's /sayings on the back about being a missionary that kids will pass out after/during sacrament meeting or something.
Miss S is really coming along! We had a lesson about baptism earlier last week and she really wants to get baptized! We went over the commandments and she believes in everything. Even the Word of Wisdom! And she's been drinking coffee for 40 years! We can't really set a baptismal date with her yet because it all depends on how well she recovers from her surgery this week. But maybe this is a blessing in disguise. The rest of her famliy will be much more exposed to the Church because the Relief Society is going to be getting some meals sent to her home! She also got a blessing yesterday from the High Priest in our ward who is in charge of helping us out, the Elder's Quorum President, and the Ward Mission Leader. It was interesting that That the lesson in Relief Society was on Priesthood Blessings! I think it made the experience that much more spiritual. She loved it.
Thanks for the letter to Miss Brazil, Dad! She leaves tomorrow, but I was able to get it to her. I wasn't there when she read it, but I think she liked it! We were able to get pictures with her and Sister Simnitt, but I forgot the Memory Card thing that hooks into the computer. I'll bring it next week.
The house we moved into is really nice. There are a couple unfinished things about it, but the owner (a family in our ward) comes over when we're not here and is still working on it. There's a huge back portch where the washer and dryer are that is screened in. All of the windows have shutters on them that really keep the light out, and keeps it cold inside. I might ask for a snuggie or a blanket or something for Christmas. Or thanksgiving. Whenever the next holiday is.
Question: is soy milk healthier than regular milk?
Question that more pertains to missionary work: what exactly do Muslims believe? There's quite a few here and we just had a lesson with one. I don't know if she'll want us to come back... anyway...
Out of time!
Love ya!
~Sista Jen