Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sister Florida

M'dear Family,
First of all, need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! You'll be getting a card in a few days :)
Hope you're all enjoying Utah weather. It's still pretty warm down here.
Lets explain the pictures. The first one is of Miss Brazil with her friend she grew up with, Sister S. She left this week! :(

The second picture is of some Pillsbury doe boy croissants with guava in the middle. Brother Simnitt just got back from Brazil a few weeks ago and brought a lot back with him. It's so yummy!!!! But they didn't have that good cheese stuff that goes with it, so they put some cream or something on it.

New News: email time is now unlimited. I don't know why. But I'm still probably keep it 1hr and 30min cause we go to lunch right after this and I'm usually starving! Today we have plans to go to Payne's Prarie where there are a bunch of Gators and Wild Horses and such. We'll see how it goes. Also, did anyone notice in this months Ensign that "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox is in it?! It's a shortened version, but my eyes about bugged when I saw it! I love that talk!
It's been a pretty busy week! We've had more lessons taught than we've had so far combined since we started in this Ward. Most of those came by tracting. Yay! We've been trying to get a time to speak in Sacrament meeting about the Power of the Everyday Missionary to get members more excited and involved. But our Ward is so busy that the next available date for us to speak is October 27th! That's past the next transfer! Whoever is conducting next month has practically got a free ride. We're also going to try and do a movie night next month at the church showing 'the Testament'.
Mrs. S had her surgery. She said the Blessing really helped and the Ward members have been taking meals over. It makes our 'daily contact with investigators' really easy! I love teaching S :)
Something really unexpected happened. Sunday after PEC we were supposed to have Missionary Coordination Meeting with Brother Driaza. But he had disappeared unexpectedly. We didn't think much of it until the Bishop announces that he's been released as Ward Mission Leader and called into the Sunday School Presidency! It was so unexpected! Brother Driaza didn't even know about it until 30 minutes before Sacrament Started! So now we don't have anyone besides the returning member we're teaching in Gospel Principles. Our new Ward Mission Leader is a new couple who just moved in who both go to U.F. and work. Poor guy. I think he's going to be a little overwhelmed the next few weeks. Hopefully soon we'll also have some Ward Missionaries as well.
The Driaza family are such good missionaries! On Labor Day, the Ward had a pool party and Sister Driaza was inviting non members who lived in the area that were using the pool to church! We saw them yesterday and she showed us some cooking stuff that was worth 20$ that she had come across for 2$. She contributed this blessing to missionary work!  Brother Driaza invited a guy who was car-pooling from work to home to learn about the gospel and he accepted! They bring friends all the time to church. I'm sad that we wont be working with them as much any more. They seem to be the only families here that really have the spirit of missionary work. We'll see if we can't get some more excited about it!
President wrote us about a family in our mission who decided to set a goal of getting 100 "no" answers from invitations of various things. There's a section in Pof the EDM about what real success is. It suggests that we set a goal of getting 'no' answers instead of a goal of 'yes' answers because we succeed when we invite people, it's their choice to accept it or reject.
I'm so excited for General Conference! The relief society general session starts at 8pm next Saturday and our Ward is having an Ice Cream Social before hand. We've got to get some investigators to that!
Anyway. Got to get a move on. Ya'll have a good week!
~Sister C