Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey-O! How are ya'll doin?
I got your letter Daddy! It sounds like Grandpa is doing great! I loved hearing from Julie too :) It's so exciting ya'll are going to General Conference! Maybe I'll see you on the screen when they're singing songs!
We got to watch the RS broadcast last Saturday! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite talk was the 2nd Counselor.
  We got a new investigator named Miss S, but our first full lesson with her is tomorrow. She lives next to a member who's wife and child are in Sweden for a few weeks. She noticed that he doesn't act like most men she knows and isn't cheating on his wife the second they left. She actually confronted him about it and asked him why. He talked a little about Eternal Marriage, and she was really interested. The next day he introduced us to her, and we'll be seeing her tomorrow when her kids are at school. Member missionary!
I went on my first Splits ever this past Wednesday! Two sisters in the Relief Society Presidency went with Sister Shelley and I and we split up to invite Less Active sisters to the ice cream social before the RS broadcast. We had some really good lessons because of it, but none of them came.
Our new Ward Mission Leader is doing really well. We have a lesson that President asked us to share with active members out of Power of the Everyday Missionary, and our ward is really struggling with Home and Visiting Teaching. He's killing two birds with one stone by having us pair up with the Home/Visiting Teachers to go to their families and giving this message! This will be for October of course, but I think this is a really good idea for the Ward.
We finally finished all four lessons with Mrs. S! She's progressing really well at completing her goals for quitting coffee. The last time we saw her she actually said it was a lot easier than she thought it would be! Now we just have to wait a few more weeks until she can use her leg and she can take the cast/brace thing off. She's really excited about General Conference coming up and tomorrow we'll be doing a lesson on how to prepare for it. Some stuff in Mosiah 2 and 3 Nephi 17:1-3. We have a date to set a baptismal date :) but the next transfer is October 16th though so one of us probably wont be there for it :( there are 36 missionaries coming out next transfer. Its interesting that the two investigators in 1st Ward who are ready to be baptized cant yet because they either have to wait for healing after surgery, or they have to wait till they can move out (one of the Elder's investigators).
Anyway. I hope ya’ll have a really good week!

Later from Sista Gator