Monday, December 2, 2013

Sister Florida

Hello my beloved family!
This was a really crazy week.
Thanksgiving was really fun! We ate with a family from the ward for lunch.  Then biked to a another family for "dinner". It was way too much food for Sister Martinez to handle and she wasn’t feeling very good for a solid day.
We are in a "Car Share" with the other sisters in the Normandy ward. Sister Heckel (who was once companions with Sister Crowton!!) and Sister Orton (who came out with me in the MTC!!). The Burnett family gave us two bikes that we could use, and the Spanish Elders here gave us helmets. All we have to get are lights to attach to them. Normandy split into thirds, biking every other day isn't that bad! I'm so glad this didn't happen in the middle of the summer.
Saturday was our turn on bikes. I'm very glad that I stole and saved Sister Crowton's tights when she left tons of stuff behind when she left. It's been getting very chilly. We were able to find some new Gators in some apartment place (I really don't like the street system here in JAX - they don't have one. Just a bunch of street names like "Cinderella" & "Mother Goose" - makes no sense!!), then biked to the church for a coordination meeting. After the meeting, we went to a Cambodian Buddhist Temple Dedication! Apparently this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and doesn't happen that often. It really reminded me of "The King and I". There we met up with our Young Women's President and her two sisters. They are from Cambodia. Sister N's sisters are either less-active or not members. They showed us around and got us yummy food. There were a ton of monks there. Lots of Buddha statues. Got to suck on some sugar cane. There were holes dug on all four sides of the temple, and one in the middle of it. People put stuff in the holes that the want to have with them in the next life. If you want to be smarter, you put a notebook, prettier, put makeup, etc. But we were told to be careful to not fall in. If you fall in they have to bury you alive. Like if your child trips and falls in, you can't get them out. You would cry that you can't have them anymore, but they believe that the child will be exalted, or whoever falls in. It was an interesting experience.
As we were getting ready to leave the dedication, we realized that Sister Heckel gave me her cold. Apparently there are a lot of people in the ward with immune-deficiency, and Sister Heckel didn't want me to kill half the ward my first Sunday so she called President and had us quarantined in their apartment. Sunday was interesting. In the morning we had a four hour discussion on the Lord's Prayer, then we got bored and made a fort with their sheets and tables and mattresses. Then we continued our discussion and watched little shows like "the Stone Cutter" and "the Story of John Tanner" that Sister Heckel had, still continuing our discussion throughout the rest of the day. Sister Heckel gets kind of loopy when she's sick so it was really fun. 

Anyway. I'm still on drugs and stuff. It's been a really weird week. I'm sad I missed Sue's baptism, but this looks like it's going to be an interesting transfer!
My new address is:
7101 Wilson Blvd. Apt. 1112
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Try and stay warm in Utah!
Love Sister Jenny