Friday, January 3, 2014

Original MTC Group

November 2013 Zone Conference
Gainsville Area

Cambodian Christmas Meal

We had a really great Christmas! I can't stop thinking about that Cambodian food. You never had egg rolls until you've had Sister Son's egg rolls! The noodles and stuff were so good! They were unusually spicy for my taste, so I don't know why I can't stop thinking about it. So good!! We did a lot of Christmas Caroling! MAN does that soften hearts and open doors. I don't think anyone does it down here. We caroled to a referral, and they let all of us in (which was our whole district so there was around 16 missionaries). They said that the whole time they had been married, 30 years, they never had carolers! They told us to come back anytime we wanted! We also made another lady cry. I felt good about that. We got several more potentials from it as well. This week we got an unusual amount of investigators. Six! They are just coming out of the woodwork! The Lord is certainly leading us to those who's hearts have been softened. 

Yummy noodles!

Skype at noon Christmas Day.

Florida in December

Normandy District December 2013

There's an older woman in the ward who is a lot like Momma Odie in Princess and the Frog (that movie describes the South so well). She was a preacher in her previous church and was baptized two years ago. Her name is Sister M. She's not blind, but one of her eyes kind of goes off to the side and, like a lot of people here, has several teeth missing. She's probably one of my most favorite people I've met on my mission!! Anyway... in gospel principles class we were talking about how God knows and sees all... the teacher related a little joke: A robber who broke into a house. There was a parrot warned him that Jesus was watching him. When he turned on the light there was a huge doberman named "Jesus" just a few feet away! This reminded Sister M of an experience she had. There was a cat that she didn't like that kept sneaking into their house. One day she found it in the kitchen and she had had it. She buried it alive out in the backyard. It took several minutes to get back on track to the lesson, but it will be one I will never forget!
Florida Spring 2013

Summer 2013