Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Family,
That's so cool to hear about Trevor!!! The Philippines sounds pretty
epic. What do they speak there, Tagalog or something?
This week seemed really long. But at the same time I can't really
think of what we did. We called a bunch of people and set up
appointments and stuff for next week...
We did teach our first lesson on Skype the other day! Remember that
Jamaican lady who moved out of our complex last week? Well, this week
we taught the first lesson to her on Skype. K is going to read
and pray about the Book of Mormon! She's super sweet and I know that
if she does this with real intent, she'll feel the Spirit. She is way
versed with the Bible and knows what the Fruits of the Spirit are
already, and how to recognize its promptings. It was a really fun
lesson. Took us 30 minutes to set it up though. These Sister
missionaries are not the most tech savvy people of God around. The
Spirit can only guide you so far.
I don't know if I've written that much about my companion. Sister
Molly McCann is from Fairfield, California. Around the San Francisco
Bay Area. She is very easily scared, but loves banana bread. When she
thinks that something is cute, she calls it "tiny" in a weird baby
voice that makes me laugh. All of her friends at home are getting
married and she's kind of sad that she isn't going to be there for any
if their weddings.
Ward Conference was this past Sunday! There was "dinner" on the
grounds after the block of meetings in the cultural hall. So good!
Sister A came to church and E was there too. Bishop was
re-sustained interestingly. He kept talking about how he was going to
be released. I kind of feel bad for him. The food was really good.
We're going to drop E this week. He almost moved out last Monday,
but that fell through. It's basically just a waiting game until he can
more out. It's good that he is still going to scripture study class
Wednesday nights and goes to church every week.
I've got to go! Sister Clendon's hair needs to be straightened.
Sister Carlson