Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks day!!
Happy Birthday Jake!!! (You got something coming in the mail)
That's so cool to hear about Michael! He's gonna make a great missionary :)
It's been a great week! E got a job interview. K came to
Church!! She seemed to like it. This week has been really busy. The
iPad says that we have 13 new investigators this week, but we really
only have 7 or 8. I LOVE daylight savings! The sun stays up till 7:30
instead of going town at 5 - right when prime pross starts.
You remember when we helped an old lady move in last month? February
and 95 degrees outside. Anyway, she's a darling. She has stage 4
breast cancer and is moving in with her grandson so he can take care
of her. He was unfortunately hit by a drunk driver and can't do much
either. So we go over to help her out. She gave us Florida license
plates. She's probably 4 feet tall. Love her!
My poor companion...misplaced...her wallet. So sad. Don't know where
it went. We are now going about the process of replacing the contents.
Kind of stressful.. But we're singing lots of primary songs.
Not much else this week... Love ya!!
Sister Carlson