Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello everyone!!
 Sorry I forgot to mention that this week is transfers. I got to read
> all your emails though! President says we can read our emails during
> the week now, we just can't write a reply till p-day.  None of the
> Normandy Sisters are being transferred, but Elder Weaver (our ZL) is
> going to Arlington and be a ZL in JAX East. Sister McCann and I
> actually knew we weren't leaving before the transfer call. Sister
> McCann and I had to drive to the Mission Office to pick up her new
> Pross Card from Bank of America. While we were there we ran into
> President! It was really weird because he wasn't wearing a suit
> jacket. First time I saw him without one on. We asked him about what
> his p-day is like and how they do their laundry. They use Saturday as
> their p-day, but a laundromat washes and irons their stuff. He showed
> us the nice creases in his sleeves almost excitedly. It was funny. At
> the end of the conversation he told us that neither of us were
> leaving. Yay!
The whole mission is doing a challenge: to read the Book of Mormon in
> 90 days. 6 pages per day. I'm looking foreword to this :) President
> also said that we will start to have visiting teaching routs assigned
> to us. Up to 20 per companionship I think. Not that we don't see tons
> of less actives anyway. Two re-activations this past Sunday!
Saturday was amazing! In the morning, this cute old couple took all
> the sisters to Golden Corral for breakfast. After that we went to the
> church and helped set up for the Elders investigator's wedding. Her
> name is G. It was a great wedding! She remembered details about
> my talk in Sacrament. :)
 Our 7th day Adventist gator, K, came to the women's conference and
> to sacrament meeting yesterday! She cried during almost every
> meeting!! The Spirit is workin on her :)
 Sister McCann and I are going on a diet. No sugar, no dairy, no wheat,
> no corn, no oranges, no red meats. And a couple of other things we
> can't eat. It's a good thing no one has signed up to feed us for two
> weeks so we can kick this off. Mostly the diet is for finding out what
> you're allergic to. You start introducing things back into it after a
> few weeks.
Anyway. I'm sure that more things happened this week, but I'm at zone
> p-day at the moment and am extremely distracted.
Love you all!
 ~Sister Carlson