Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 4

I think I know why I only go three days on a cleanse. Last night I couldn't get to sleep.  I kept moving around feeling restless.  I finally got up around midnight and ate three Ritz crackers. I felt a little better and had thoughts of eating the entire package. My mind was playing tricks on me. Small fears were starting to creep up about if I was doing harmful things to my body.

This morning I still felt pretty weak and didn't really want to drink any more lemon water. Instead I tried the salt flush which was also terrible. I'm actually missing food and yesterday I missed sitting down and eating a dinner with my family. I did have my drinking bottle but it just wasn't the same. GW has been very supportive so that has helped me get through the tough times.

One good thing is that I did weigh myself and discovered I had lost five pounds. Most of it's probably water loss but that was a bonus.  That takes care of my winter gain. Now it would be nice to take off fifty more pounds that I've accumulated over the years. Hopefully this cleanse will take away my strong cravings and get me back into more raw foods. Clothes are already feeling loose so I don't have to go buy new ones. Going to work today helped me keep my mind on other things and I took a water bottle out to lunch recess. Now I'm home tired but I've got to go teach RS at the Beehive Home for the elderly.  I always look forward to Monday's because I love visiting the sister's who always cheer me up.

Evening update:
My lesson went very well and part of it's due to my fasting I think. My body feels much more in tuned with whats around me and how I perceive things. Very interesting. Afterwards I went and visited some of the women who can't come out of their rooms due to old age.  One of the rooms was so hot I started feeling sick. I chose to stay in the room because I've become a good friend to this particular sister.  When I got home I opened up a fruit juice packet and the sugar made me feel much better.