Monday, June 16, 2014

Sister Florida

Sorry this is getting out late. We had a fun
District P-day! Sister McCann and I planned all of it. "Uplifting,
Unifying, Fun Games and Food with Friends fo' Free!" 
Last p-day we decided that we forgot to get something so we went last
minute to a local publix grocery store, and as we were checking out,
the cashier paused me and asked to see my name tag. When she did, she
was so excited!! She lives in another area and is getting ready to be
baptized! We weren't even planning to go to that Publix. The Lord just
made us forget whatever so we would go see her. Really cool.
On Tuesday we had just dropped the other sisters off to their
appointment after a dinner appointment. As we were driving down
Normandy, suddenly our car starts shaking! We pulled over in front of
a subway and looked. We got a flat tire. Luckily we only had to look
lost for about a minute when a Subway worker comes out and changes our
tire to the spare for us. A nice nail that ended up being too close to
the side wall. By the time everything was finished, we had to head
home slowly. The bad part was that interviews with President were in
the morning, and those were being held at the Orange Park Stake
Center, which is a 20 minute drive down the freeway. We had to cram in
getting our tire changed before heading to OP. It all turned out ok.

Interviews were so great!! President is giving all the missionaries
who don't have that much time left a theme scripture. Helaman 10:4-5.
I cried when I read it!
On another good note, we have a new gator who has great potential to
be baptized! R is a motorcycle...drifter...kind of person and got
stuck here in west side JAX. He's been coming to church pretty
regularly with a friend, and we've taught him the first lesson, but he
was planning on leaving soon so he wouldn't be able to be baptized.
His plans were unexpectedly changed! Don't know how long he's staying,
but hopefully we can nail him down long enough. We'll see.
I finished to Book of Mormon! It was amazing. The words that have been
sticking out to me on this read have been "remember" and "desire".
I've also been noticing how important daily scripture study is. Crazy
important. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. So watch
your step! Don't miss personal scripture study even once!!!
We dropped all of the Whitehouse sister baptismal dates
and taught this cute couple the Plan of Salvation. 
We had dinner which an older couple named the N's. We asked them
their conversion story and it blew my mind!! They were both raised
Catholic, but Sister N always knew that it wasn't true...because she
has memories of the pre-mortal existence!!!! She searched all of her
adult life to find the true church, until she concluded that it must
not exist. She resigned herself to go to the next church that knocked
on her door. The missionaries knocked on the door the next day, and
her husband, who never lets people in, but let them in because one
reminded him of his old boss! Anyway, all they had to say was "we
lived with God before this life" and she got baptized in two weeks!
They're so awesome!  They did the #discoverthebook challenge. Did
y'all? I don't see anyone's Facebook pages. You should send me your
pictures! President said in interviews that if everyone who was
invited to participate did it (75,000 people) it would reach 250
million people!!! Remember the next event #searchthebook. Share your
favorite scripture in your favorite reading spot!

Anyway. I love y'all!!!! Keep going strong.
Love, Sister Carlson