Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sister Florida

Hello Family!!!!
I loved the emails I received today! Especially Julz. Very
detailed. Very nice. I especially liked the part about this C
boy. Which was almost the whole email. JESS! I am desirous to learn
of these things from thee! Congratulations, but write me! :)
Well, we had a pretty awesome week! It seems like every week is
awesome on the mission now. Maybe a year ago this week wouldn't have
been so awesome, but when you realize where the center of the Earth
is, everything is awesome!!! Almost every single appointment this
whole week fell through and every member who we take to lessons went
on vacation. The summer rains have returned and the steaming asphalt
sauna is back. Skirts caught in tires, ouchy tummies when members feed
you dinner and they don't understand what 'no gluten' means and you
don't want them to feel bad. BUT WE HAD AN AWESOME WEEK! The Lord
freed up our time so we could contact 18 referrals and blasted through
the new member list. Our Ward gets around 50 new move ins per month
and almost all of them are either less active or bogus addresses.
Guess who gets to find them? The missionaries! Our report of addresses
to the clerk this week was very long :)
One of the more interesting dinners we had his week was with the
B family. A grandma, her sister, her daughter, and her
granddaughter. They were recently reactivated when I came into the
area. I'd been to visit their place once or twice, but very briefly.  The fried chicken 
was really good. Fried with spicy corn flakes so it was gluten free. That was a plus. 
We gave a thought about the plan of salvation, encouraged them to invite friends
 to church and left. They gave us the leftover chicken in an empty ice cream 
gallon bucket. The Elders didn't live that far from where we were at. We hung t
he bucket on their door nob and got some smoothies. TheElders said they loved it. 
I've officially been in this area for six months. My second dinner
appointment here was the last Friday of the month of November. We had
dinner with Sister Lara and gave a General Conference message from the
ensign. This past Friday we did the same thing. That is so strange.
Missions seem like time bubble vortexes.
Sunday night we had a lesson with the F family again. I might have
mentioned them a little while ago. They're from Jamaica. Very nice
accents. I love to listen to them. Brother Fong was describing to us a
revivalist in Jamaica who he believes is a false prophet. Brother Fong
said that he would blow at people in the crown and people would faint
and fall over. He claimed to be a healer and called up Sister F's
grandmother to the stage in the large tent he would hold meetings in.
He took her walking cane/crutch thing and broke it in half, commanding
her to walk! She did. She walked all the way back to her seat. She was
hospitalized the next day for putting too much strain on her body.
Crazy. They have a lot of stories about Jamaica. I'm not sure when Mo
is coming home from her mission, but she's gonna come home with some
I love y'all! But I must be going now.
~Sister Carlson