Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sister Florida

We had trade offs this week! I went with Sister Heckel to Hendrix Ward
and Sister Blotter came to be with Sister Chamberlain. Miracles
happened in mandarin. They got five other lessons in one night and
found a bunch of people. Unfortunately, no such miracles at Hendrix.
All of their appointments fell through and we spent a lot of time at
the car dealership cause one of their tires blew up. We spent a lot of
time talking at night. It's been 5 months since I last saw her!! We
were up talking till 1 am. :) I was so tired.

Gators dropping off the face of the Earth. No one is calling us back! Sad week.

K... This guy who couldn't go on a missy for health reasons is
trying his very best to spend speedy moment with missionaries as

Sister Hale is a wonderful awesome lady who made me gluten free bread
this week! I love members.

Even though none of our gators want to come to church, we did find a a
YSA named Amanda who we took to the YSA Branch.

Our bikes died this week. Between the four of us sisters we got three
flat tires. I don't know what it is. Nail gremlins are following us
around. None of us are scouts like Sister Van Wagoner, so a wonderful
member named Lawrence Aniel helped us fixed them. And just in time!
Sister Chamberlain and I are probably going to have to bike for the
rest of the month because we blew so many miles yesterday. We only
have 400 for the whole month!

The reason we blew so many miles is because Sister Chamberlain has
been getting a lot of migraines. She got a lot of them earlier in her
mission and almost had to go home. The people mission medical sent her
to gave her every flavor of pain medication known to man, and over
dosed her a couple of times. Finally, she went to a chiropractor, who
felt her neck for a few seconds, said her axis (C2) was way off,
cracked it back into place and POOF! The headache was gone. It was a
similar experience last night. Brother Muffet is a way good
chiropractor man in Sis Chamberlains last area (JAX Beaches) who does
missionaries for free. She's had a continual headache ranging from 3-7
on her pain scale all week until we saw him. Yay! I'm so happy. She's
way awesome and nice. We stopped by a view of the Atlantic Ocean
before heading back (not that you could see much at 9:30 at night) and
she secretly grabbed me a handful of sand for me as a souvenir. I've
been here for so long and I still She also gave me some shells! My

Got to go. Brother Besset just called and asked me to talk on Sunday...yay!

Love, Sister Carlson

Saw this truck on the way to JAX beaches: