Monday, July 14, 2014


Helloooo Everyone!!!
Before I start, I would like to wish my mommy a happy late-birthday.
We're at the Hendrix Ave. Building for Zone P-Day and Sister Bower
(she's in the same car share as me and lives one floor beneath us) shot
a basketball so hard the backboard cracked! Very good job. We're going
to be playing human fooseball in a few minutes.
Last Monday we went to President's house for FHE! A gator named M
drove us. President taught about temple and Family History work. There
are three things that President has focused on his mission so far. The
BoM, Family history, and biking. Anyway. M is going deaf and asked
for a Priesthood blessing after everyone left. During the lesson she
couldn't hear all that much, but she told us that during the blessing,
her ears were unstop pied and she could hear the whole thing!!
We set three Baptismal dates with separate people this week, but none
of them came to church :( Interestingly, two of our bap dates are
former/current Jehova's Witness investigators.
K is crazy prepared. I might have mentioned her in my last
letter. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week with a member
who, the day previous, gave us a little laminated PoS cards. We have
used those PoS cards a billion times since then. K has had MANY
dreams and experiences that have basically taught her what the PoS was
before we even talked to her. Now it's just getting her to church.
L is currently being taught on Wednesdays by Jehova's Witnesses.
We went over the Plan of Salvation with her too. We talked about the
144,000 and what we believe about them. Everyone can make it to the
Celestial Kingdom if they really want to! It was kind of a make it or
break it lesson with her. I think the Plan of Salvation lesson hooked
her, and she responded in kind when we invited her to be baptized.
Sister Chamberlain expected her to say "probably not" but she just
ended on the probably!
We got a lot of Facebook lessons and work done this week! I feel like
I'm finally getting how to work it. Of course.
We've got to go!

Gluten Free Cafe

Love, Sister Carlson