Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back at Custodian Work!

Jen started her new job yesterday. She will now be working for Timpview High as a custodian. She has now moved up from cleaning four years at a Middle School to a BIG High School. I didn't know this but Timpview High has thirty custodians.  Fifteen work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 to 11:30 pm. The other fifteen work Thursday, Friday and Saturday the same 29 hour shift in the late afternoon to late evening. Jen, Jess and Jake have all worked eight hour shifts cleaning at schools in the summer time, but they all started early in the morning. I hope all works out for Jen and she doesn't get totally exhausted when school starts after Christmas. If it's too much for her I'm sure she'll find something else.  I'm just glad all the custodians come outside to their cars together when they get off work.

Just found out that Jen will be hired at Amelia Earhart Elementary after Christmas. Much more convenient! That way she can have more time to study and rest.  The neat part will be Jen and her sister Jess will be working as custodians together!