Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kidney Stones

Last night I had a kidney stone attack. When I say attack, I literally mean my body was attacked. I haven't felt that kind of pain in a loooong time!  I remember the last time I experienced that kind of pain I was eight months pregnant with Julz. At the time I thought I was going through early labor so I was admitted to the hospital to have a baby.  The doctor came back from my test and told me my right kidney was dilated. No baby was birthed and I was given an awesome pain relief shot and sent home.

November 15, 2000 GW and I walked back into the hospital and checked myself into a maternity room to be induced. I had the same nurse from the month before so when it came time for my epidural she understood I had already gone through quite enough of discomfort so I was given relief early in the labor. The birthing experience was wonderful, and I enjoyed a year of nursing and watching Julz grow. Two months after Julz turned one I had another kidney attack! At that time I didn't know anything about kidney stones. When I was finally admitted to the hospital I was told that I had become too dehydrated while nursing and wasn't drinking enough fluids. The doctor inserted a stint in me for relief and two weeks later the kidney stones were blasted through a surgery procedure.

Later after the surgery I was informed by the Urologist that stones may return so I needed to be careful with my diet and always drink lemon water in the morning.  After thirteen years I thought I was in the clear since I hadn't had any more babies and I was feeling pretty good. That was until last night. The familiar pain was back again and I realized I hadn't been taking lemon water in the morning lately like I should and my restricted kidney diet was definitely questionable. I tried to be so strong and just take the pain but I knew I was in trouble so I called for Julz to get GW.

I'm grateful for the priesthood because the pain went away during the blessing that my husband gave me.  It was a true miracle how everything stopped during the middle of the blessing. I'm glad that I didn't have to go to the ER and I was blessed with just a mild ache through the night. I was able to get a little sleep so I could go to work today. All I've eaten is a can of pears and jello.  Yes, I've been drinking lemon juice and raw apple cider vinegar all day long. I'm feeling much better and hope I have a second chance in life to get my health back into focus. Now I need to work on passing the stone or dissolving it as soon as possible on my own. I don't want to burden my family with more hospital bills if I can help it, so I'm off to a new adventure again.