Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cooler Weather

My favorite time of year has finally arrived but the sad part is my camera doesn't work any more. I found out when I took it to the airport to take pictures of Jenny coming home. Fortunately Jake had his new phone which took great photo's so that was nice.  The experience with our family greeting Jen at the airport was so wonderful. I started to think in my mind what it will be like when I die and pass over into the next life.  I look forward to crying and hugging my parents and grandparents. Oh, I can't forget my cousin Carla!

Having Jen home again has been great! She has grown so much in the gospel and turned into a beautiful young woman. Of course she's always been beautiful, she just seems more mature. Our family scripture time is way more interesting. Jen has also changed her diet to non gluten and non dairy foods. So cooking has become more challenging for me. If anything it seems more healthy, which will be good for both of us.

I'm back to walking outside again. I've gone three times this week and the cool air really makes it pleasant. I finally got my cholesterol down under the high risk category but I still need to keep going  so I can get it under 200.  For me what seems to work best is consistent exercise and spinach fruit smoothies.

I must not forget to mention the Provo West Stake Women's Retreat I was involved with right after Jenny came home. I packed my car and took four other fun ladies up to the Heber Camp grounds for a sleep over in the mountains. There was lots of good food, we had a good turn out from the other wards, and my favorite part was the guest speaker, Connie E. Sokul.  She was great and very inspiring.

So I'll be writing a lot until I get a new camera or Jenny gives me hers after she down loads all her mission photo's.