Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memoir from Me

Did I mention how much I like summer break. Slept in until eight. Did thirty minutes on my stationary bike. Made gluten free, dairy free bread. Spilled a cup and a half of warm water with yeast and sugar all over me, the kitchen counter, and the floor. Now I get to go visit a friend on my street and I still don't feel tired. Life is good!

May 30, 2015 Did I mention I like summer break. Woke up at 7:00 am and went on a two mile brisk walk. Really enjoyed the beautiful mountains and all the green around me from the rain we've been having all month. Then I decided to fertilize the lawn and weed two gardens. 

New fridge arrived at 10:00 am and GW had to take the hinges off the door inside the garage leading into the house. Our old Kenmore fridge bit the dust after twenty-some years, so we did our homework and bought a new Kenmore Elite, Bottom Freezer, Refrigerator. The best part for me is the fridge has fingerprint-resistant stainless steel! It is surprisingly resistant to smudges. The bad part was when I was holding part of the heavy door so GW could hand me the screws from the hinges. All GW did was leave for a split second to answer a question for the movers from Sears. That's when I started looking around for the lost screw GW had dropped earlier. Next thing I know the door is falling down right on my head! Ouch!! Saw stars for just little bit. Now I not only have a new elite fridge, but I also have a medium size goose bump on the side of my head.

 The moral of this short story is don't look around for screws while holding a big heavy door, or you will lose some screws in your own head! Life is still good. I'm still here, even though I'm starting to think I'm turning accident-prone in my late fifties due to some lost screws. Hope your having a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

San Diego

May 26, 2015

Dear Parents, 

We are so grateful that your sons and daughters arrived safely in San Diego today.  They were a bit weary due to early morning travel, but we were able to feed them lunch, get them some rest (along with a letter written to you), and some training.  I was able to individually meet with each of our new missionaries and am so impressed by their dedication and desire to follow Jesus Christ.  Tomorrow morning, we will assign them their first area and missionary companion.

Thanks so much for your love and support of these great missionaries.  It is truly our privilege to serve alongside them.

May God's choicest blessings be with each of you and your families.

Best regards,

Jonathan S. Schmitt
President, California San Diego Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Busy month of May for Jewels.

BYU Young Dance Makers Company 2015
Gifts From My Father

Dixon Middle School
Into The Woods
Jewels played Little Red Riding Hood

Henny Penny and Jewels

Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Photo's and Letter from the MTC!!

Sister Carlson, Sister Meridee, and Sister Whitcomb

Did you miss me? From what Julie sent me, it's sounds like I'm missed... A Little... haha!

hmmm where to start... I've been here a week yet it's felt like a month but at the same time everyday feels like 30 minutes. When ya'll dropped me off that cute Polynesian sister showed me around and sent me into a few rooms where I received a TON of paper work, keys, tags, books etc. I felt so shell shocked I just smiled and responded to everyone that said "WELCOME TO THE MTC!" They give you a little bright orange dork dot to put on your tag the first day so everyone knows your lost and that they need to talk to you... At the end of my little tour my host dropped me off at my class room and that's where I met sister Cortello. She's like this bright beam of sunshine that's super spunky and can't stop giggling (from salt lake, going to San Diego). We both watched orientation videos then after where escorted back to class where I met my companion! SISTER WHITCOMB!!!! I thought she looked a lot like Jenny when I first saw her! I thought "dang.. I just left my family and here lies my new best friend" and she really is! We both hit it right off :) she's the best. I'm so thankful no joke. We have so much in common and we both have the same sense of humor, It's great! (she's from Massachusetts, going to Sand Diego with me)  The last sister in our district (room) is sister Parker! She's soooo sweet. (from... Oregon, going to Washington DC North Mission)

We have two teacher's: Brother Crosby and Sister Spence! SPIRITUAL GIANTS! Sister Spence is the one Sister Whitcomb and I spend a little more time with because she is also our investigator, Shar! So before coming to the MTC I thought roll-pay was a little silly but oooooh man... We have had some powerful lessons with her. To the point where i'm kneeling on the floor bawling from how much i'm feeling the spirit. I have a bunch of pictures of everyone that i'll send :)

Everywhere I turn there's someone I know! It's AWESOME! I've seen Brother Stephensen and Sister Williams (but I think you knew that already). I've also seen about 15 girls from Provo High and a few Elders. THIS WEEK IS MONUMENTAL! As of this week, there are more Sisters than Elders here at the Provo MTC. BAM! 52% Sisters :) Amazing ya? Even though there are a lot of people I don't know everyone seems to remind me of someone back home.

I'm going to talk more about the people in my district because really they're the reason i'm having such a good time here. So the four elders in our district go as follows: Elder Archambault (pronounced Ar-Sham-bowe) from Minnesota (he's got a bit of a Canadian accent). He'll be going to San Diego as well. All I can really say to describe him is he want's to build a racing lawn mower when he gets back home... HAHA! He's our district leader and while I think sometimes his head is up in the clouds, when he does bare his testimony, it's an incredibly strong one. He kind of reminds me of Michael Vanwhoginhimer. Elder Bryant (San Diego) is his companion and I think they are one and the same when it comes to being a boy. The two of them sit down at meals with so much food, I don't know where they put it. I'd say Elder Bryant is kind of the joker of the group. He's always hurting himself somehow. He's from Washington State and you get this outdoors-man vibe from him. Elder Tuffly (Washington DC North) is next and his name describes him quite nicely. He's this military boy with this smolder on his face all the time but on the flip side he's an artist and a suuuper deep thinker. He's had a really rough past (as do most of the people in out district) but it's made him who he is which is one heck of a character. Last but not least is his companion Elder Demill (DC). He's kind of dorky and at first his excessive talking made my think Elder Tuffly didn't like him but their attitudes actually ended up complementing each-others. I literally felt right at home with everyone the first time I met them. It's been a week but I've made life-long friends that seem more like family. I'm sure I've met them all before just not in this life. Especially Sister Whitcomb.

The food is great! I haven't gone near the OJ though haha. Gym is fun :) Sis Whitcomb and I usually jog a mile (I don't even stop... I didn't know I could do that) We go to choir and we're actually going to audition for a musical number tomorrow. Sis Whitcomb is an amazing pianist!

It's been a bit stressful at times but the only reasons I cry is because of the strong spirit here. All is well :) AND ALL IS SUPER FUN! Everything is really scheduled out for you but I'm learning a TON and getting the opportunity to teach people all the time. Yesterday we actually got to skype a woman in California! It was cool! I feel like I've gotten the hang of the MTC which is nice because all the newbies are coming today! Now I get to say "WELCOME TO THE MTC!!!" Sister Whitcomb and I are Sister Training Leaders for the zone so we get to take the other half of our zone on a tour tonight. It will be fun to meet them. Yesterday the STL's before us left... they were so cool. I think I have pictures of them. 

WELL! Keep on keepin' on! I feel like I could write forever with all the experiences I've had!!! But it's almost time to go teach again and eat dinner :)

-Sister Carlson 

P.S. I forgot everyone else's emails... so if one of you could forward this, that would be great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saying goodbye; it's never easy.

Missionary Training Center May 13, 2015

Last family prayer together for eighteen months.

Getting a son or daughter ready for a mission can be exhausting. The good thing is that Jess got her call four months ago so we have been able to pace ourselves getting her read. This time there were a lot of good sales after Christmas so we got most of her comfy, quality shoes at Dillards.  Kristen Thomas invited us to a skirt party at her home. Jess picked out wonderful, beautiful skirts with big pockets. No ironing.
JC Penny's is probably one of my favorite stores. We got a darling rain coat 70% off and several modest summer polyester tops that look great.
The last store we spent a lot of time in was the Sister Missionary Mall. Yes their clothes are a little more expensive, but the quality is excellent and Jen, Sister Carlson's sister is still wearing her cute missionary clothes from Florida.
So Jess is now gone and I'll miss her beautiful smile and happy attitude. I'll also miss her singing and guitar playing. She often helped me with the computer.  If I ever needed help with something she could fix it or show me how to use a new form of technology. The best part was Jessie was patient with me, most of the time.
I'll just miss her all around. But she is happy where she's at so I'll be happy for her. 
I'm so grateful for my family, the Lord continues to bless us every day!

Thursday, May 7, 2015