Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memoir from Me

Did I mention how much I like summer break. Slept in until eight. Did thirty minutes on my stationary bike. Made gluten free, dairy free bread. Spilled a cup and a half of warm water with yeast and sugar all over me, the kitchen counter, and the floor. Now I get to go visit a friend on my street and I still don't feel tired. Life is good!

May 30, 2015 Did I mention I like summer break. Woke up at 7:00 am and went on a two mile brisk walk. Really enjoyed the beautiful mountains and all the green around me from the rain we've been having all month. Then I decided to fertilize the lawn and weed two gardens. 

New fridge arrived at 10:00 am and GW had to take the hinges off the door inside the garage leading into the house. Our old Kenmore fridge bit the dust after twenty-some years, so we did our homework and bought a new Kenmore Elite, Bottom Freezer, Refrigerator. The best part for me is the fridge has fingerprint-resistant stainless steel! It is surprisingly resistant to smudges. The bad part was when I was holding part of the heavy door so GW could hand me the screws from the hinges. All GW did was leave for a split second to answer a question for the movers from Sears. That's when I started looking around for the lost screw GW had dropped earlier. Next thing I know the door is falling down right on my head! Ouch!! Saw stars for just little bit. Now I not only have a new elite fridge, but I also have a medium size goose bump on the side of my head.

 The moral of this short story is don't look around for screws while holding a big heavy door, or you will lose some screws in your own head! Life is still good. I'm still here, even though I'm starting to think I'm turning accident-prone in my late fifties due to some lost screws. Hope your having a good weekend!