Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First area is on the coast!

Sister Star

Sooo much has happened and I really don't know where to begin.. WELL! For starters I have TWO companions! Sister Starr from Utah and Sister Saedan from Thailand! (Sigh-dun, I just think of sigh-duck to remember her name) THEY ARE THE BEST! Sister Saedan has been here for 15 months and Sister Star has been here for 5. We live in an apartment with one other companionship, Sister Smith and Sister Cava (YSA). All the beds are in the front room while the two bedrooms are used for studying. It's pretty fun :)

Sister Saedan reminds me a lot of Heidi and Camilla Shaw. Just mix those two together and TADA! But she is still learning English so while she can speak perfectly, the accent is sometimes hard to understand. Sister Starr is literally Brianna Carlson XD She's hillarious and just as much of a goofball as I am. Together with some Mongolian Sisters, we make up the UC (university city) 2nd ward! That's in area number ONE of the San Diego mission :) right by the coast! It's beautiful here! And the people are amazing! Like I mentioned in my letter home (I don't know if ya'll have gotten it yet) I have P-days on Tuesdays. If ever you want to send me something do so through the mission office!

My first night here I went out with two Battalion sisters (sister Ownes and Sister.. french girl. woops) And we went street contacting by this harbor park area. IT WAS FUNNY! Sister Owens and I ended up talking with this drunk guy and a women who apparently almost married Joseph Smith's great great great grandson or something. It was an interesting experience ;)

Sister Whitcomb
You can dig for gold at the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center

My first day with my two trainers began with a service project! Every Wednesday we get to go to Grandma's house (she wants us to call her that) and do any little thing she needs help with. Last week we helped her move things from the 3rd floor to the first floor so she doesn't have to make so many trips up and down the stairs. After sometime I got to meet Grandpa! I was warned a little a head of time, he suffers from something like dementia and can't remember most things. He basically helped us out and while doing so giggled the entire time and would occasionally repeat what we told him over and over. He's totally crazy but that experience was so much fun! He won't remember me but he knows I'm a missionary and gets special permission to hug the sisters haha!

Another fun story:
Once upon a time there was a man running down the street with a human leg. Yes. A human leg! Nay, not the entire leg, just the bones. He saw us looking at him funny so HE approached US! We had a fun conversation about bodies and souls and asked if we could talk to him some more. He said YES! We'll be seeing him soon :) (He found this skeleton out for his morning jog. He said someone already took the head so he grabbed a leg. His girlfriend loves dead stuff so... romance)

We have a few investigators and I haven't had the chance to meet them all. The one who's progressing the most is a girl named K. She's an amazing 17 year old gal who was practically abandoned by her parents. She lives with some members in our ward who are AMAZING! This last Sunday we had a lesson with her and we basically talked the entire time about the BoM. IT WAS SO SPIRITUAL! Our mission ward leader was there a long with some of the family she lives with. At the end I asked her to commit to being baptized November 28th and she said YES! She can't be baptized sooner or else she would. Her birth parents won't give her permission for who knows why, so she has to wait until she is 18. sigh... I'll remember that lesson for all  time and eternity.

All is well! Mom take comfort in knowing I'm in the BEST area :) Flying on a plane was crazy fun! I think I wrote about it in my hand written letter home. (Mission President made everyone write home while we were at his house) Take off and landing were the best. I spent most the flight sleeping...(Monday night I only got two hours of sleep at the MTC) Sister Cortello and I sat by a member who lives in Utah but goes to San Diego a lot for work. I would of converted him otherwise. The weather has actually been pretty rainy the last couple of days. Which is nice because of the drought here (every week our water is shut off for a few hours.. not too bad. It was just weird when I tried washing my hands today and nothing came out) OH! Talking about today! I went to the Temple! IT'S "B-A-UTIFUL"!!!! 

I will now spend my efforts in seeing if my camera will work this week :)
-Sister Carlson (or Sister Car.)
Sister Saedan can't pronounce my name very well so... ;)