Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Week of June by the ocean.

Hello Everyone!

Let's see.. what happened this week.. I think I'm going to keep this email a tad bit shorter so I can send ya'll more pictures. Pictures speak more than words right?!

I SAW PEG ON TV TOO!!!!! It was awesome :) haha! MY companions were like "AH! She's soooo pretty!"
We watched Elder Perry's funeral service on Friday?? (I think..) Right before our Zone meeting. 
The Battalion sisters and ASL Elders are also added to our area! Makes things super fun. I've been having a lot of opportunities to sign! This past fast Sunday, I was able to have an interesting conversation in ASL with a man named J! The Deaf Branch meets right before our ward (the're UC 1st and we're UC 2nd) so you can usually catch a few people signing if you're there early! (which we are ;) sister missionaries are always early *wink wink*) He taught me a bunch of signs I didn't know like temple recommend, prophet etc. I don't know too many church related signs so it was amazingly helpful! 

What's interesting here and something I need to get used to, was the fact that we are not allowed to tract basically anywhere. Or even street contact in some specific areas. A lot of what we rely on are the members. I can see how it hastens the work with new investigators having a support system as they start coming to church if they were refereed by a member in the first place. I've come to realize it's a lot safer as well, especially for the sisters. Both my companions have been held at knife and even gun point here on their missions. BUT DO NOT FEAR! The worst that has happened to me was being spit on.. ha.

Something cool that I wanted to share: A STORY! We were doing a service project over at a members apt and by the time we were done, we had the opportunity to share a quick message. I shared with her a quote by President Hinckley that says "Never assume you can make it alone. You need the help of the Lord. Never hesitate to get on your knees in some private place and speak with him." After that she shared a story about her friend in Germany & the lesson that friend gave to her primary kids. Her friend brought this white, clean kitchen plate to her lesson and let the kids scribble all over it with marker (of course they were like.. ooooohh we never get to do this) She then wiped away the marker with a towel and explained how most people see the Atonement this way: sin wiped away with Christ's help. She then stated "But this is how the atonement really works" slamming the plate to the ground, shattering it to pieces. We literally are broken & shattered by sin and cannot make it back to our heavenly father. Taking out a new, more extravagant china plate she explained to he children how we need to become something more than we are, and the ONLY way we can is through Christ's Atonement.
End of story

Life is good! It's actually been a little hot the past 2 days! A few minutes ago we went shopping and also visited the Mission Office to wash our car for Zone Conference tomorrow! I think we're playing some kind of sport outside with our zone after i'm done writing here at the library. To answer some questions: I usually eat cereal for breakfast and a banana. Apple and peanut butter for lunch, and if we do eat dinner on our own: chicken? pasta, rice etc.

 A family of girls we get to teach.