Friday, June 12, 2015

Water Damage

Summer break is still going great even though we have no running water turned on in our house.  I came home from a stake meeting late Tuesday night and found Jen and GW running around the house in a panic.  First they showed me the water coming out of a light fixture on the ceiling, not good. Then they were filling up the bathtubs with fresh water, smart idea!

There was a water spot in the carpet upstairs in the hallway earlier that day, but I thought someone had spilled a glass of drinking water or some kind of liquid.  I even took a blow dryer to the wet spot and put a fan on it that afternoon. When I went upstairs after my meeting the wet spot was much bigger! We were having our first water crisis in twenty-five years of marriage! GW finally turned off the main water valve and we started investigating.  That included cutting holes in my beautiful ceiling and taking out the walls in the furnace room. With the flash light GW could see serious water damage all below our hall bathroom up stairs.

Jewels is gone on her first trip to Washington DC with her school so she doesn't even know we are living like pioneers here in our lovely home. Thank goodness we still have electricity and air conditioning. Last night we turned the water back on thinking it was just the drain to the bathtub that had broken, but nope the leak came back again during the night.  So we hurried and took our hot showers and I filled up my bathtub to the top again.  We had only used half the water from the tub for two days. That water has been a life saver!!
While GW is at work I've been cleaning up all the sheet rock mess, drying the carpet and clearing out the bonus room in case we need extra room for our new bathroom project.

I've been wanting to renovate that bathroom for some time now.  Since GW is a "doityourself" kind of guy and we have youtube for help, we are now ready for a new adventure this summer at the Carlson home!

June 13, 2015

After four days of no running water the leak was found! First day we thought it was the drain from the bathtub. We turned the water back on and the leak came back. Second day we thought it was the toilet. Turned the water back and the leak came back. Third day we let everything dry. Fourth day a friend of GW's mentioned another idea, so we cut a hole behind the shower from the bonus room and turned the water back on. Lo and behold, there it was!! Who would think a leak would be so exciting to find!!!