Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sister San Diego

Good morning! :D

This week has been a little crazy! Just getting into the swing of
things without Sister Starr. At the beginning of this week, the AP's
gave us a call and told us they were taking our car! Haha and the best
part is we don't know when 😆 "the next couple weeks" is all we got.
They're taking 20 cars from the mission and it just so happens one of
them is ours. This next transfer is going to be totally different!
Bikes, iPads, etc. we started transferring records online yesterday
and man oh man is it interesting trying to figure out this new app.
Not only will we be using the iPads for people's info now, but for
everything. Planner, calendar, task list, you name it. And it's just
interesting trying to figure out... How.. To do it.

Something fun!!! The Battalion sisters are going to be short on people
for this next few weeks, so they asked us if we would be willing to
take one of their Temple Shifts! The San Diego Temple doesn't have a
visitors center so the sisters assigned to temple shifts walk around
giving out info, handing out cards, taking down names and such.
10-noon!!!!! I'm so excited just to be around the temple in the
morning. We always have 5 hours of study everyday (1 hour of personal
study, 1 hour of comp study, and extra hour of comp study because I'm
in training, language study for sister Saedan, then transferring
records) so I never really see the morning sun.  We normally don't get
out and about until 2! BUT NOW I GET TO SPEND MY MORNINGS AT THE
TEMPLE! Ahhh :) but of course we'll have to do all that studying
after... 😅

OH!!! Sister Starr was transferred to Pawee! She's now our Sister
Training Leader hehe! She went from being me Mom to my Grandma ;) it
will be nice. She can still come on exchanges to this area. Fun fun.

Story time! We had dinner this Sunday at the Clark's again! (It was
like thanksgiving dinner... So good... AND THEY HAD THESE GLUTEN FREE
ROLLS THAT TASTED LIKE HEAVEN! I'll try to get the recipe for Jen) I
was talking with one of their girls about things that she likes. She's
12 I believe and the question came up of "what's your favorite thing
to watch"? She told me she liked Star Wars and I was really surprised
haha! I told her I like Star Wars too and she flipped! "YOU'RE THE 4TH
GIRL I'VE MET THAT LIKES STAR WARS!!!!!!" It made me smile 😆

We had another amazing Dinner at Sister Seegmiller's. If you can
imagine the most classy older woman living in a beautiful home
decorated with antique furniture and pictures, that is she! Her
husband died a few years ago but she always has her kids or
grandchildren visiting her. She's the nicest women in the world. I
just feel this overwhelming love for her and I'm not too sure as to
why 😊 I just do. She came to one of our lessons for R (our 84
year old investigator) and made both him and us cookies! Sigh... I am
just starting to really fall in love with this place. La Jolla is

Well! 2 months down! Thanks for all the support! I love you all!!!!

-Sister Carlson