Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sister San Diego


Transfers are tomorrow! :😢 Sister Starr is leaving our trio *sniff sniff*..... I will no longer have two trainers! Wa!!!! It's going to be interesting.. This is Sister Starr's first area so it's sad to see her leave. She loves the people here sooooo much. AND SHE KNOWS THIS PLACE LIKE THE BACK OF HER HAND! I have a feeling as the new designated driver... I might get Sister Saedan and I lost XD

The weather here has been crazy! (For San Diego..) we normally have over-cast every morning, but in the last few days it's been raining! Blessing! It's so dry and a lot of members are concerned about the drought. After emailing you guys last week, we drove to a multi-Zone activity and it was getting pretty stormy :) it made me so excited and I have no idea why! The thunder and the lighting... Ah! I guess I just missed summer storms.

Right now I'm waiting to get my hair trimmed 😉 sister Saedan as well. We're getting it done at a members home, Sister Jack! She's so nice to do it for us. She trimmed the mandarin Sister's hair a few weeks ago. Sister Saedan has some pretty interesting beauty techniques hehe. every night she rubs lime on her elbows, knees, and feet 😁 she tries to get me to do it but... I don't know..

Our teaching pool has increased this week! 3 new investigators! All committed to baptism but aren't too sure about setting a date.. Meh. One of them is a girl named H! I might have mentioned her in one of my other emails, but we met her when one of our members (Sister Agnew) brought her to the Madarin Sister's 3 baptisms. We taught her for the first time this week and it felt like the perfect lesson. She mentioned how she had been looking for something like this and none of the other religions her friends take her to made her feel the spirit. SHE RECOGNIZED IT RIGHT OFF THE BAT! She's about our age and goes to UCSD. 

Not only was her lesson perfect but the last few days have been practically perfect. Especially Sunday and Monday. Sister Starr was joking around about how God was blessing her with a few last days here in UC 2nd ward 😭 Everything just went so smoothly and fun! Yesterday morning we went on a "Temple Run!" We woke up 30 minutes earlier so we could run to the temple and back. Round trip it's about 2 miles but it just felt so good! The weather was perfect, even a little misty and lightly raining. We took some fun pictures. That same day we also had lunch at the temple. It was so nice. Especially just hanging out with the YSA sister's as well. Everyone's really sad about Sister Starr leaving... She was kind of the head of the household. Been here the longest so.... Ya. I'm kind of scared XD

The 4th of July was FUN! We didn't get to see any fireworks... During the morning we had a ward activity that was pretty great. A lot of the people we invited though didn't come... So we left a little early feeling sad about no one doing what they say they'll do. There's a lot of that. But that evening, we came home @6 for safety and watched assigned mission videos while eating pizza. After completing our assignments, we made rice crispy treats and a flag cake! (Well... I watched the other girls make the fun treats haha) we sang a bunch of patriotic songs at the top of our lungs and just hung out. It was weird..... We've never really had free time. Everyone basically caught up on journal writing while snacking and watching Mormon messages! There are a TON of really good ones! Go watch them! :D

Well! I've made it through one transfer! 11 to go! It sounds like everyone back home is having fun ;) Tell Hanna, Molly, Heidi, Syd, and Tuinei's to write me!!!!! Family too! Mom's doing a fantastic job of keeping me updated on things ;) multiple times a week haha.  Same with Boo and Jen! Yo male people in the fam bam.. Love me.

Love all ya'll!!!!
-Sister Carlson