Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sister San Diego

Like most P-days, this one was a million miles per second! AH! Mission life is crazy ;)

Some fun tidbits about my everyday life:

EHEM! Every night we hear fireworks going off at 8:55. It didn't occur to me until Saturday last week that it was Sea World! Our ward mission leader pointed it out and up until then... I thought there was a war going on or something... haha juuust kidding. I honestly thought people were still celebrating 4th of July though!

We live a few miles away from a military base! Or something to that nature haha. We always hear load fighter jets passing by, and big, mean looking helicopters. It's really cool! Once we were driving down the freeway, and I saw this jet flying parallel to our car when all the sudden it curved it's nose up, became perpendicular to the ground in just a few seconds, then shot right up! It was so strange yet amazing!

Our household is always a fun household :) we are constantly laughing when we are all together. It makes things bitter-sweet with Sister Smith leaving in a week. She's done serving her mini mission and it makes me so sad! She's such a fun gal! Even though she's from Orange County, she's the very opposite of someone who would normally think to have grown up in California. I love her and will miss her. Hopefully I'll get to see her soon after I return though! She will be attending BYU Provo! :D


hmmm nothing too exciting this week.. at least with lack of time i'll just go over some fun things we'll be doing THIS week! MTE's are this week! (Missionary Training Experience) So far from what I understand.. We'll be going to a morning side basically, learning things, the exchanging companions for a day haha. And guess who will be with me?!?! SISTER STARR!!!!! Haaaaaaa It's going to be fun!

My testimony of the atonement has grown soooo much over such a small period of time. While a mission is hard, and rightfully should be (if your putting in your all for other peoples salvation), it's totally worth it. I'm falling down a rocky mountain, but by the time I near the end, I hope to be a smooth, polished stone. Put your weaknesses and fears on the alter of sacrifice and let God work through you. BROKEN HEART AND A CONTRITE SPIRIT! That's all he asks of us ;)

Let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone of you :)

-Sister Carlson

P.S. I JUST GOT YOUR PACKAGES! Thank you SOOOO much :) Such a blessing
I'm going to send a few more pics then i'm off!