Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sister San Diego

Hola! This week was crazy! (I think I'm coming to accept that every
week is going to be crazy...) haha :)
I'll start with MTE's! (Missionary Training Exchange) Guess who was my
companion for the day?!? SISTER STARR!!!! Haha she came back with me
to our area while Sister Saedan went with Sister Wilson to Pawee. So
many cool things happened that day! It started off with the actual
meeting where testimonies were shared, lessons were given, and all the
missionaries practiced!! Sister Starr and I were able to teach a less
active woman who no one has ever seen before, invite another one of
our investigators to be baptized, and sing to a woman in our ward
struggling with depression. The singing was my favorite part..
everyone felt the spirit so strongly and we even got her husband to
start crying (not a member). She never came down the stairs to see
us.. But when Roger (her husband) was about to close the door on us
again, I felt impressed to ask him if we could sing a hymn to her just
at the door step.

Sister Pilkington replaced Sister Smith for the day in the YSA ward so
that night, we had a party getting to know her ;)
TRANSFERS ARE NEXT WEEK! I have a feeling that I'm going to kill
Sister Saedan! HIYA! But we shall see. We might be picking up a sister
to form another trio. I didn't think too much about it, but sister
Saedan was like.. "are you excited to lead this area
now?"......................................................... I guess
I am. Just kind of have to go with the floooooow. Really glad I have
that GPS now! I would have been so lost haaaa!
This week at church Sister Saedan and I gave a little mini talk in
sacrament meeting about the upcoming Mission President's Fireside! It
will finally be in our area so I'll know some of the people that
come!! We also taught YW's that day... AND I REALLY ENJOYED IT! I
realized how much I missed mutual etc. Today we were at the institute
for a loooong time auditioning for musical numbers.. We only sang one
song but Sister Saedan was asked to play for everyone else pretty
much. I sort of felt bad for her because she ever got a break but she
was totally willing to help.
I don't have too much time today again!!! AAAAHHH! But I love you all
:) I can't believe school is starting up soon for you allll ya'llllll.
I feel like it just got out here! Keep sending all the fun stories and
-Sister Carlson