Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sister San Diego

Ohio family!

So much to type, so little time! It's transfer calling day! A few minutes ago, we learned that Sister Saedan and I will be the same for this next transfer (I GET TO KILL HER!!! YAY) BUT! Our YSA sisters are being white washed! Sister Smith will be going home tomorrow (she's our mini missionary) and sister Cava doesn't know where she's going! SO! We don't know if we're getting new roomates.. or a new appartment... or WHAT! It's exciting! But sad too... I'm going to miss those two like ya'll wouldn't believe! I will probably be crying tonight..

HAHA! I forgot to mention that the first time I busted out the GPS, I changed the voice setting to the my little pony "flutter shy" option... SISTER SAEDAN COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. It was the best :)

Emmm, let's start with yesterday! We had lunch with Elvis! We met Brother P at the Asian market and lo n' behold.. He was in full costume!!! I could not quit smiling haha! After I said a blessing on the food, he looked straight at me and said "you are REAL! That prayer was from your soul!" The lunch itself was really good Chinese food, but the fun part was him wanting to share with us what WE could share with other people from the New Testament. I might have mentioned him in one of my earlier emails (the fact the he's a scriptural genius). It was so funny! At the end of the meal/lesson I asked him if we could leave him with a prayer and BAM! He clapped his hands, bowed his head and started his prayer with "Heavenly father, Master of the universe!"  aaaahhh man.. made my entire week! XD

Yesterday we also had my first FHE since I've been on my mission. The Vargas' (EHEM! They're on the District!! ;) haha!) hold it weekly for less active/ single people in le ward. The Vargas' have been out of town since I first arrived to the area but now they're back and in business! I've met a few other people that I've seen on thee District but not much. It's still super fun though! Brother Vargas is just like he is in the video's "That's the spirit Ming! You're starting to recognize the spirit!" We had a lesson 2 weeks ago at their home with one of our investigators and he pretty much said the same thing and I was like... wooooooooooow ;)

Sunday was fun! I was able to sing.. twice! The Mission President's Fireside was amazing and we introduced Kate to both President and his wife. There was a big turn out! Those meetings are so strong. And singing in a missionary choir is the! I'll miss getting the chance to go to so many with Sister Saedan leaving :/

Friday was departure activities! Sister Smith was gone the entire day doing whatever missionaries do when they're leaving. Sister Cava joined Sister Saedan and I for the day and it was exciting! We got to leave our area (YSA's area is a lot bigger than ours) so that was neat. AAAAHHHH!!! We were also able to go to one of Sister Cava's dinner appointments and I was able to eat Peruvian food!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS I'M IN LOVE! It was seriously one of the yummiest meals I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Peruvian food has bumped itself right up to Mexican food on my chart of favorite yum yums.

Thursday we actually finished weekly planning ON that day... has never happened before!

We were able to go serve a woman last week on Wednesday with Elder Byers and Elder Browne! I had a lot of fun and took a video of this little statue shaking it's hips... I thought it was really funny.. I'm not sure why.

SISTER CASH! She fed us las Tuesday and I actually took the time to take (...took the time to take....... heh) some pictures of the fun things inside of her house! She's so much fun! And she has a million humming birds in her backyard. She's this women in her 70's with the heart of a 10 year old :) She just loves all things fantasy ^__^

Well, have fun going back to school!!!!! (Those of you who are) Tell me all about it! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUUUUCH!

-Sister Carlson