Friday, August 7, 2015

Where were you during the storm of 2013

Provo, Utah Written September 2013
I finally have something to write about.  Yesterday I was out dress shopping for an up coming high school dance.  I take these adventures seriously since the dress needed to be modest and under $50.00.  While I was on my way to the University Mall I noticed two things.  BYU football traffic and dark clouds.  The clouds were not only dark they were moving faster than usual which meant only one thing, Micro Burst!

Lots of thoughts were rushing through my mind.  The first was GW and the girls were up in the mountains some where target shooting with GW’s brother.  I forgot to get details on where they were going so I started worrying.  The next thought was my lane of traffic wasn’t moving nearly as fast as the dark clouds so I knew I needed to take cover fast!  Finally my mind started remembering past micro burst storms not only in Provo but the first one I experienced as a girl hiking in the mountains in Bountiful Utah.

My brothers and I loved to spend time on the mountain right by our home when I was young.  My mom would let us spend an afternoon during the summer playing near a creek about an hours hike from our home.  This particular day the clouds were very dark and moving fast.  I remember my brother commenting that we should hurry so we could beat the clouds that were about to catch up with us.  The winds was very fast and the dirt was flying all around us getting in our eyes.  We tried to huddle down together since there was no place for refuge. The next thing I remember is my mom’s voice calling out our names.  At first we couldn’t see her but as she continued to call out our names we could see our car through all the chaos.  We ran to the car and was thankful for the rescue!

As we drove back down the hill through the rain and strong winds we noticed the roof to a new church flying in all directions.  Big trees had been up rooted and sirens could be heard through out our neighborhood.