Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sister San Diego

Yup... I'm just gona' get to the good part.
EHEM! So Saturday we got this call from a woman named Nancy (later
calling herself Danielle) and the first thing out of her mouth was
"I'm possessed by a demon."... Well alright then.
I took it rather well I think. Told her we have men that could give
her a blessing. She knew where the LDS temple was and I told her to
hold while I made a few calls. First was President Schmitt.. but he
didn't answer. Next was Bishop... Still no answer. So we paced around
the church building for a few minutes. Finally President called back
and after explaining to him what had happened he paused... then asked
us to rewind and tell him again what had happened ha! After explaining
a second time and him having asked a few added questions, he paused
again... then proclaimed "... Holly cow, I'm going to die. I don't
want to die, I'm too young."
Unexpected as it was, I tried not to die laughing while he instructed
us to give him Nancy's (Danielle's) number so he could set something
Strange day.
I thank my God for filling my mouth with the right words to say and
filling my soul with confidence in times of discord.
After the drive home, the first words from Sister Hendrix were "I need
a hug from the Lioness...". I had to agree. Sister Weidmann was glad
to accommodate.
President had told Nancy (Danielle) to go to the YSA ward's building
the following day to get a blessing. YSA told us when she got there,
she just stared at them and said "No thank you" o______o
Sunday was AWESOME! I sang Come Thou Fount for the President's
Fireside! Sister Whitcomb was a great accompanist and I just die every
time I see her because she's just the beeeeest. She actually taught
Doug before he came down to La Jolla ha!
Fun moment:
At the Fireside, a recent convert was bearing his testimony and ended
it with "Some people say you must have no brain to be mormon, so I'll
tell them YUP! It was a no brainer for me to become mormon!" Both
Sister Seo and Sister Weidmann looked at me in that moment (Audience
laughing in the background) with blank faces. International sisters
are the best. It made me laugh... so much. Once I repeated to them the
joke and explained "no brainer" they both laughed really hard after
everyone had finished laughing XD
Yesterday was one of those days where literally everyone we visited or
called asked us how we knew they needed us. "Angels". It makes me feel
really humble. All the members and less actives we saw just started
I thank my God for filling my mouth with the right words to say and
filling my soul with confidence in times of discord.
again and that entire day.. I just could NOT stop laughing. I think
it's Sister Starr. My Mom ;)
Our day began with stalking a man named Riley
We got yelled at. "WHAT!"
Sister Starr was trying to street contact this lady and she literally
just walked away.
We ate dinner with this guy named Clarke.
He got us FOH! I was really good.
And again... I just could not stop laughing.
Last P-Day we went to to the La Jolla Coves and just hung out with our
roommates :) TODAY! We'll be going to an international museum haha.
-Sister Carlson