Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sister San Diego

This week we will be having our Halloween PARTAY! I'm actually really excited :P
Chili cook-off, trunk-or-treat, carnival games you name it. We got it.

Highlights of the week:
Saturday, the YSA sisters had a baptism for a wonderful 18 year old
girl named N!
We brought our new investigator K(who we were going to pass off
to YSA anyway ha) and AAAAAAH MAN! It was amazing. N was so
excited! After the actual baptism, Ngot out of the water and
started walking into the women's changing room. Sister Weidmann
creaked open the door and whispered "Good job N" and the spirit
just hit me. I started crying and when Sister Weidmann turned around,
I could see tears in her eyes, so of course we made eye contact and
both started crying some more. I love being a missionary.
It seems I've met some long, lost friends while being out here.
Certain people just get me smiling and laughing like there's no
tomorrow. Sister Whitcomb, Starr, Saedan, Weidmann, Seo, and Hendrix
have literally became sisters of mine. I'm sure the rest of my family
will like them too ;) Sure hope y'all do cause they're my family while
I'm out here. Scratch that, they'll be my greatest friends for all
time an eternity. I cannot imagine (now that i'm here), ever having
not come on a mission. It is soooo life changing. I... am so overcome
with emotions right now, I think I'll just leave it at that.
Yesterday was one of those non-stop funny things happening to us days.
The best of which was going over to the Howard's for dinner. HAHA!
They are the sweetest, cutest, newly wedded people of all time. We
arrive with their meatloaf still in the oven, and every time they
checked it to see if it was done, the smoke detector would go off XD
Sister Howard was like "OH MAN! You guys are probably going to write
this entire thing in you journals saying how crazy we are". The entire
time... I couldn't stop laughing!
I am so grateful for our ward council. I cannot see myself in the
future, serving in a leadership calling without first having served a
mission. It's amazing getting to work with one another and doing
everything we can to serve this ward.
WELL! There is so much that happens in one week... I can't even.. think.
We're off to go carve pumpkins at old town ;)
Last week we went to Balboa Park and it was really pretty!

Keep on keepin' on!

-Sister Carlson