Friday, November 27, 2015

Let's get down to it then!!!
Yes. We dropped off Sister Weidmann Wednesday. Nope. I REALLY don't
like sending sisters away. I just realized I haven't eaten her Swiss
chocolate she gave me at the airport.. Woopsie.
We had a bit of time before hand, so we hung out by the water for a bit :)
Then we picked up Sister Kaiser!!!! Funny story.. Sister Kaiser is a
Temple Square sister! She's from Switzerland too!!! Her and Sister
Weidmann grew up in the same town ha! Their very different but the
bluntness is still there ;)
Love her! When president called her name to be sister Seo's
companion... I laughed... So hard.
Another one of my kindred spirits out here is Sister Passé-Carlus from
France! She's a Battalion sister called English speaking (although she
does teach a little in French) BUT! President just transferred her to
the Mandarin group SO SHE'S IN MY DISTRICT NOW! Same Ward in fact. So
funny. She's doing great learning mandarin!
So... We have these coyotes outside our apartment that we hear
laughing every night. Yesterday for our run, we went down this dirt
road and one popped out of the bushes. I stopped. The other sisters
almost ran into me, but I just kind of starred at it... And it starred
back. After a minute... We just kind of walked away. ADVENTURE! Haha
Oh my goodness. Thursday morning, I get this text from one of our
summer sales members saying that one of my investigators I taught was
Baptized in France. Of course I burst out crying. I feel bad....sister
Hendrix thought someone had died. There's A LOT of back story with
Hillary, but man... In that moment, I was the happiest I've ever been.
Completely enveloped in God's love. To the point where I couldn't do
anything else but cry on the floor.
Pray for those in France.
HA! Sunday, President was randomly standing outside our church
building, talking with the ASL Elders. We walk over and apparently he
was there to speak with the Mandarin sisters, but forgot they met an
hour later than our 1 o'clock sacrament. So! He stood outside with us
for a half hour and helped us greet our members  everyone was all
"oooooh sisters. What did you do this time?". It was so much fun just
getting to stand there and chat with him. I've been blessed to have
had many opportunities to get to know my Mission President. He's the
best one out there in my opinion ;)
One member in particular walked up to sister Hendrix, shook her hand
and said "you look new". Walks up to me, shakes my hand and says "you
look old" then walks away... President laughed pretty hard.
That's all I have time for this week folks!
Keep on Keepin' on :)
-Sister Carlson
                                                                 Good bye Sister Weidmann from Switzerland

Welcome New Sister Kaiser From Switzerland

Just one.
One year left.
TRANSFERS TOMORROW! Staying in La Jolla haha! Sister Hendrix thinks
I'm going to be a 6'r. BUT! We're still going to transfer meeting
tomorrow to pick up sister Seo's new companion. Ha! Still on a roll of
making it to every single transfer meeting ;) Dropping off Sister
Weidmann first thing in the mornin'.
.... Again... Not looking forward to that.
K is still pressing for her baptismal date on the 28th! Love that girl!
Hmmmm. What happened this week? I don't even know 
Ah! Yesterday, Sister Hendrix was sick, SO! We dropped her off at our
Ward mission leaders home to let her rest with his wife while I went
out teaching with YSA! We added a TON of people (well.. For YSA, but
it was still fun haha). Walked and talked with W, and read with
T I'm the BoM! I don't think I've ever shown a picture of W,
so we took one together so y'all could meet her. We meet with her
every Monday and she's the sweetest lady in the world.
This morning we went to the temple! I thought of Camilla the entire
time and thought "huh, as close to being at the actual wedding as I
can be" ;) LOVE HER!
Last service at Grandma's for Sister Weidmann! We had some Dragon
fruit that Grandma grew herself! So delicious 
Our Ward mission leader's wife, Sister McBride, asked me to sing with
her this Sunday. His Hands. It's crazy alto. I don't think anyone can
sing it better than Peg though...
A bunch of investigators that have all suddenly been getting harder
and harder to keep in contact with. But it's ok because we plan on
adding like mad this week. Our Zone is on FIRE! And our ZL just got
transferred to be one of the AP's  I'll miss Elder McNaughten!!!!
Well got to go help Sister Weidmann pack. Ah! There is never enough time!
I'm glad to still be here in La Jolla though. Love y'all!
-Sister Carlson

So! This past Sunday was pretty great and here is why:
We got a call from one of the YSA members that work at the temple as a
security guard. He told us there was this woman from Thailand that
wanted to go to church! Aha! We ended up meeting her there AND IT WAS
THE BEST! I respectfully greeted her with a "sawadi-ka!" Hands
together at the chest, head bowing touching le nose to le finger tips.
I continued "shun ben sister Carlson-ka, poosan sa-sa-na"
.... I feel bad because her eyes lit up and she started speaking full
blown Thai at me.. I blushed and explained that I only knew a little.
have been there
That same day, the ASL elders introduced me to two deaf/blind
brothers. They were both SO excited to meet a sister missionary haha!
I just told them my name + sign name and my companions name. I
couldn't converse with them for very long but it was fun :)
Sister Weidmann was able to help a women in German and Sister Seo
get's to teach a family in Korean!!!! Languages languages languages...
I tried street contacting in Spanish a few days ago.... Ya... No....
Sister Weidmann took over thank goodness.
The Halloween party was awesome!!! We had a family show up that had
just moved here from Norway so the Weggerson's were able to fellowship
them! AH! And brother Weggerson just got called as a Ward missionary,
which is coooool because he was Ward mission leader in Norway ;)
I told all of them that my great grandpa came from Trondheim Norway
AND THEY ALL GOT SUPER EXCITED!!!! Because they are all from there....
So. Norwegian. Gona learn it. I already know a bunch of Swiss German
Disney and i think you'll recognize him from his baptism pictures a
few months ago
We helped Harvey decorate. Prime time 
We had to be inside early (6pm) Halloween. Our evening was spent
reading talks about faith :) it was hilarious. I always have so much
fun with these girls of mine.
Which reminds me... Transfers. THEY ARE NEXT WEEK. Not looking forward
to dropping of sister Weidmann. To make up for my sadness, all of you
need to meet her in Salt Lake ;) which also reminds.... BOO! I'm
sending your birthday present with Myrtha   MYRTHA ANNA-LENA
Well... If I don't get transferred, I'll be singing either his hands
with our Ward mission leaders wife, or window to his love. She told me
she once knew how to sign his hands and I told her that's pretty funny
because I signed window to his love before I came out. MUSIC! One of
the best languages of all.
Fast Sunday during studies, I felt the strong impression to bare my
testimony later on that day during Sacrament meeting. EHEM! I sat
there while the sacrament was being passed and thought well alright,
what do you want me to bare my testimony on? "The restoration" says
the spirit. And SO! I taught the restoration from the pulpit. It's
message is so strong... Then I told all the mothers to let us into
their homes so we could clean for them. So many babies. So many
stressed out moms. We can't help them with there kids... But we can
clean ✌
Love ya!
-Sister Carlson