Friday, November 27, 2015

Just one.
One year left.
TRANSFERS TOMORROW! Staying in La Jolla haha! Sister Hendrix thinks
I'm going to be a 6'r. BUT! We're still going to transfer meeting
tomorrow to pick up sister Seo's new companion. Ha! Still on a roll of
making it to every single transfer meeting ;) Dropping off Sister
Weidmann first thing in the mornin'.
.... Again... Not looking forward to that.
K is still pressing for her baptismal date on the 28th! Love that girl!
Hmmmm. What happened this week? I don't even know 
Ah! Yesterday, Sister Hendrix was sick, SO! We dropped her off at our
Ward mission leaders home to let her rest with his wife while I went
out teaching with YSA! We added a TON of people (well.. For YSA, but
it was still fun haha). Walked and talked with W, and read with
T I'm the BoM! I don't think I've ever shown a picture of W,
so we took one together so y'all could meet her. We meet with her
every Monday and she's the sweetest lady in the world.
This morning we went to the temple! I thought of Camilla the entire
time and thought "huh, as close to being at the actual wedding as I
can be" ;) LOVE HER!
Last service at Grandma's for Sister Weidmann! We had some Dragon
fruit that Grandma grew herself! So delicious 
Our Ward mission leader's wife, Sister McBride, asked me to sing with
her this Sunday. His Hands. It's crazy alto. I don't think anyone can
sing it better than Peg though...
A bunch of investigators that have all suddenly been getting harder
and harder to keep in contact with. But it's ok because we plan on
adding like mad this week. Our Zone is on FIRE! And our ZL just got
transferred to be one of the AP's  I'll miss Elder McNaughten!!!!
Well got to go help Sister Weidmann pack. Ah! There is never enough time!
I'm glad to still be here in La Jolla though. Love y'all!
-Sister Carlson