Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sunny California in December!

Skype was great :)
Love you guys!
On to this week!
Some highlights? Goat service. Scooping goat poop!! Some sisters where dry heaving. It was
hilarious. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!
That same day we taught D again and his sister had literally had
locked up the Coffee so no one can drink it. I laughed pretty hard.
D seems to be really progressing and even picked a baptismal
date! But he won't tell us what it is because it's "close to his
heart". What?
Christmas Eve we had District meeting and it hit me... What kind of
young adults gather together to testify of truth and help each other
invite others to come unto Christ? It was amazing. Such a strong
meeting where we discussed the birth of our savior and how we could
help others enter into the waters of baptism.
Soon after that, the ASL Elders drove up to the Stake Center and had
me practice "oh little town of Bethlehem". Elder Funckes and I
performed it a day later at the MCRD for the Marine Recruits. WHICH BY
I have had the best Christmas of all time. That morning, singing for
the recruits... The spirit was just so strong. Sister Stewart had the
privilege of sitting at the front of the room and could see a few men
just completely break down into tears. They are away from home, away
from family, away from everything familiar and are treated very
harshly. I at least had the chance to speak with my family for 40
minutes while they were yelled at by a drill Sargent. President's
spirit and authority filled the room as he spoke to these marines. He
told them about the Angels apearing to Mary and the shepherds before
the savior a birth. What's the first thing these Angels said? Fear
not. With Christ, we have nothing to fear. I myself broke down there
at the end of his address as he invited these men my own age to be
baptized and endure to the end. It was so powerful and so real.
President Schmitt exemplifies the characteristics that of the savior.
Such a good man. A great one.
I think I made sister Whitcomb cry too ;)
Juuuuust kidding she probably was just as full with the spirit of God
as I was. Like. A. Fire!
I've never been caroling so much in my life. So much fun!
Added an investigator named Shiva Christmas Day! So many miracles.
Saturday was my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader. I went
with Sister Marz to her area in Del Norte! I had a blast. We walked
the entire day and I'm still hurting! Ha! She's a fun sister who loves
to read and do family history! From Utah ;) land of the brave.
The Bishop and his wife take care of us like no other. I love the Tengberg's.
There are so many recent convert in this Ward I have the privilege of
teaching. I was honored to have met Valissa! She looks and acts
EXACTLY like my MTC teacher sister Spence. She even has the same
strong will and spirit. I love this Ward. I love these people.
Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf and for praying for those I
teach. I love this work and I wouldn't want to be doing any thing
else. I'm so in love with being a missionary. It's all for him
-Sister Carlson