Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Poway California, 65 Degrees Outside!

So much to say! So little time... HA!
Transfer meeting!

Guess who had to give a talk? Not me ;)
SISTER WHITCOMB! Guess who's a new Sister Training Leader? SISTER
WHITCOMB!!!! I was SO excited when President called her name! She gave
an amazing talk and played wonderfully on the Piano. The AP's asked me
to lead the music so of course I said yes! Felt like we were back in
the MTC! It also felt like we were in the MTC because we're BOTH
Sister Training Leaders now :) yep. I don't even know.

Oh and MY NEW COMPANION IS!!!!!!! Sister Stewart! She was my Sister
Training Leader with Sister Starr in Poway! Sister Starr left and is
White Wash training in La Mesa! She's amazing. SO Sister Stewart is
She makes me laugh allllll the time. I literally don't think I've
laughed more in my life than I have in the past 6 days. Except maybe
with Sister Weidmann and OH MY GOSH! Thanks family for visiting Myrtha
Those pictures made me smile REEEAAAL big! I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL MET MY
Ehem... Anyway. Hmmm... What else to say about Sister Stewart. She's
an AMAZING teacher. Probably why she's an STL. Still trying to process
me being here. I get to see sister Whitcomb a bunch now with
leadership councils and training. We have 4 sister companionships
we're over. We'll be going exchanges with the girls every week to
train and really I'm just here to serve. We taught at our zone meeting
on obedience this last Thursday. I love it already and it's really
making me stretch. Exciting and scary :)
SKYPE! Plan on 2 our time. So 3 your time? Excited to see you all!
Come with questions ha! I don't know what account I'll be using. Hmmm.
Should I plan on skyping Jake's account?
We're teaching a TON here in Poway. Oh! The Mt. Woodson Ward is YSA!
Big change in mind set. I'm still adjusting haha! I've been able to
meet so many great recent converts, members, and investigators the
past few days! The bishopric is great! Sunday we were able to hear a
bunch of Christmas musical numbers and her from Elder Sabin of the 70
and a man leaving to serve as a mission president in Russia. Soooo
good. Bishop Tengberg. Incredible man.
Story time:
So we had a lesson with one of our investigators Donald. Word of
Wisdom. What is he drinking when we first walk in? Coffee. Of course.
It was a great lesson though! Donald's sister was great at telling him
how he should try to follow God. AH! So funny. People are just funny.
Yesterday was the Mission Christmas Devotional! In the Bleak Midwinter
went well :) President loves that song! Sister Stewart was able to get
up and read a bunch of scriptures. It was cute. It was great getting
to see everyone. I love this mission so much. Holly cow.

We've been caroling like crazy! There's this place called Candy Cane
lane. Pretty much people with a ton of lights on their houses. SO MUCH
FUN! Singing in the rain! (Ha) it was fantastic.
Christmas we'll be going to sing to the Marines then have Chinese food
for dinner ;) Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra!

I'm having a great time here in Poway. I LOVE our zone. It's like a TV
comedy series. I hope to continue having the time of my life on le
mission. It's so great. I love this work so much it hurts! I love
Sister Stewart. I love this Ward. I just... Am lovin' life right now.
Keep on Keepin' on everyone!
-Sister Carlson
By the way, our Mission President wanted us to email our families and
tell them how much he loves you. Thank you for preparing and
supporting me as I came on a mission.