Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sister San Diego

Why hello :)
This week was amazing.
FIRST! MTE's were Friday/Saturday. I was honored to have gone on an
exchange with sister Wilson. She's one of those Sister Missionaries...
that you really want to be like. Haha! She graduated from BYU and was
the Cougar's Track Captain!!!
I learned so much from Sister Wilson and we truly did see so many
miracles. Something profound that I learned not only from her but from
the Mission Training was that the Lord will put those prepared in your
path. We may have had plans to see C, but the reason we were
there was to meet A on the street. That day, Sister Wilson and I
added 5 investigators. What? We may have had rough patches talking to
those on the street, getting shut down, but then talking to the next
person a few feet away who was prepared.
And of course... I've been learning to simplify! We taught the
restoration so much that day, each time getting more simple, and more
inspired. "By small and simple means are great things brought to
pass". That's how God works. This theme of simplifying keeps
manifesting itself.
All together we added 8 people this week. Exciting, though some we
will be passing off. I love to have contributed. I love this work.
This Thanksgiving we will be going to Grandma's for dinner! I'm excited.
Today was Sister Kaiser's Birthday! 23 ;)
President's concluding thoughts after training started with: "So I ran
a half Marathon this morning". Of course. HA! Love that man. He then
connected his running with Les Miserable.. Jaun val Jaun (spelling?)
singing "bring him home". THEN he connected it all with missionary
work and it was amazing. I sat in awe.
I have some pictures on my camera but alas... we didn't go to the
Library today. We ran to the temple with sister Wilson, Starr, and
Celis. Party.
Another full week of laughter! If your not having fun... you're doing it wrong.
Love, Sister Carlson                                 
                                                                             Grandma's House

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