Sunday, December 6, 2015

Guess what?!?!
Sister Whitcomb is sitting next to me... 😊
My life is complete.
Sister Richardson (over music) called me up a few days ago and asked
to speak to me: "were you planning on coming to audition for the
Christmas Devotional?"
So, this morning Sister Hendrix and I drove 22 minutes away to the
institute AND ALAS! Sister Whitcomb, Sister Cava, Sister Atwood and a
whole bunch of other sisters I love were there... So I took Sister
Whitcomb home with me ;)
Juuuust kidding, their zone is going to Sunset Cliff's so we let them
email in our apartment. HA! Sister Richardson wants me to sing a duet
with sister CAVA-KHA!
Anywho, This week was pretty extreme!
Yesterday we had District Meeting and Sister Xia had us all take
pictures "Asian" style. I'm going to miss her! The Zone Leaders where
there and we received some training on the new Christmas Initiative.
SPEAKING OF WHICH! Have all y'all checked our
It's pretty great! Each day this month, they'll be coming out with a
new video. It's geared toward people who don't know who Christ is,
answering simple questions like "why do we need a savior?". IT'S
hmmm.. AH! I sang Sunday for combined 3rd hour (Priesthood and Relief
Society). Lord, I Would Follow Thee. Our bishop also held a discussion
for the new Handbook 1 changes. Emotions! Bishop did a great job.
Man.. And after that Sister Hendrix and I had to share the new
Christmas Initiative haha.
Speaking of Sunday, we had a ton of non-members attended church! 6!
We're Super BUSY!
I got a blessing from our ward mission leader the day before. He's
going to be a patriarch. He quoted part of my patriarchal blessing
word for word. Use my talents. It was the beeeeest. I asked him to
because I was feeling a little stressed! #missionlife
With the 8 investigators we added last week, this week was super busy,
BUT! We're still adding. Christmas Miracle. Our first hour of Weekly
Planning was spent handing off our investigators with Baptismal
Date's.. Was kind of sad. A transient ward means transient
investigators! I'm just happy to have been part of the teaching
process. They're have been about 5 people now that I have started
teaching that ended getting baptized else where. It's all good haha
em. hm. So much has happened that I don't know what to say!
Thanksgiving was AWESOME! We went over to Grandma's. Not only did we
have Thanksgiving dinner, but we also celebrated Christmas! None of
Grandma's family will be home for Christmas SO we opened presents! I
almost started crying, it was so cute.
WELP! I can't think of too much else.
Keep on Keepin' on.
Sister Carlson