Friday, January 15, 2016

Sister San Diego

I hope you all had a happy new year!! Sister Stewart and I sure did!
Our day was full of work work work. We had to be in by 6, but that was
the designated time President gave us to weekly plan. Time well spent
Rang in the new year passed out. I was so tired ha!
Story time! Miracles for days..
Ehem! So!
SATURDAY! I went on an exchange with Sister Kaiser back in La Jolla.
Since leaving the HouseHold, Sister Hendrix (last comp) became
companions AGAIN with sister Seo from Korea. Who WAS Sister Kaiser's
companion, but now! her new companion is Sister Wilson! My Idol. In
every way.
First off, Sister Kaiser is just a party. Second, OH MY GOSH!
Something amazing happened  on the exchange :)
Remember how I taught a girl named Hillary? Remember how she was
baptized in France? AH! K...
So halfway through the day, all our appointments pretty much canceled.
Meh. BUT! During a short dinner break, I recalled having emailed
sister Kaiser's mom the previous week. I pulled out the iPad, with the
intent to see if she had happened to email me back so I could show my
companion. She didn't... Hillary did. In her email she stated: "I go
back to San Diego this Saturday and I am so excited! Haha I think I am
going to the La Jolla YSA Ward and my goal is go into the temple!
Oh! By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!"
After a minute it hit me. TODAY IS SATURDAY! I kind of freaked out.
Sister Kaiser can testify.
We called her up and when I told her it was Sister Carlson, she
freaked out too :)
I asked her if we could stop by to share a short message with her and
she said it would mean the world to her.
On the drive over... I was dying. I WAS SO EXCITED. Sister Kaiser can testify.
We get over to the apartment, knock on the door, and TADA! I literally
died. H shared with us her process and adventure of being
baptized in France. She is SO strong. Told us that she was fasting  to
stay strong and that she would really love to go to the temple. I was
doing pretty ok keeping it all together, but as soon as I started
sharing my testimony and how much I loved her, I kind of weeped. A
lot. Sister Kaiser can testify.
We actually ended up staying for a bit. Helped her build a bed frame #service.
The end.
Just so happened to be in La Jolla the same day, same time, what? Ya
what else happened this week?
The day before my exchange with sister Kaiser, I had been on a
temporary exchange with Hermana Cable. She was pretty sick, and the
Spanish sisters had a ton of appointments they needed to get to. SO!
Sister Stewart went with Hermana Short to teach in Spanish and I
stayed with Hermana Cable. She was ridiculously happy for being
someone that was dying. But actually. She for real was dying. That
night after we exchanged back, Sister Schmitt (being an ER doctor and
amazing mission president's wife) drove out at midnight to take Sister
Cable to the emergency room. Turns out she has pneumonia and something
else they're still trying to figure out. Sunday, Hermana Cable stayed
with Sister Schmitt most the day and Hermana Short stayed with us. Oh
and BTW Hermana Short and I went to UVU together. Ha. I got to go to
the Spanish Branch's Ward council! Score.
That same day (Sunday) we had a last minute dinner appointment with
someone in our YSA Ward. We get there and his mom's friend was there
as well. The grandmother had made extra enchiladas.(man they were
good....) Nick (the friend) wasn't a me,her but was really interested
in learning more. we had originally planned on teaching the
restoration anyway so BAM! We taught and it was amazing. When talking
about baptism though, the grandmother get's kind of offended and asks
why someone would need to be baptized again (we didn't know she wasn't
a member haha) AND NICK! Teachers her why. It was amazing. Here's this
Jewish man teaching a catholic women why the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints really does have the resorted priesthood authority.
At the end, I bore my testimony and Nick told me time and time again
how he could just feel the spirit testify through me. "Your glowing".
One of those moments you live for on your mission. The spirit in the
room was actually a fire.
Yesterday, I attended my first Missionary Leadership Council. HOLLY
GUACAMOLE. Intense. We were setting goals for the new year. The
spirit, again, was like a fire in the room. I have so much respect and
love for our President and the leadership of this mission. SISTER
WHITCOMB WAS THERE WITH SISTER P! We practically died laughing during
the in-between lunch. I cried. Tears of joy.
Oh. And I also gave a talk on the atonement of Jesus Christ before the
meeting started. President picks random people so you don't really
know your giving one until you're there. I LOVE IT! Instead of reading
a scripture in Isaiah, I sang it. "Fear not, I am with thee. Oh be not
dismayed. For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid. I'll
strengthen the help thee and cause thee to stand. Upheld by my
righteous, omnipotent hand."
Become as little children, simplify, and be obedient.
The greatest leaders are the greatest followers. Be fierce in your
loyalty to the Lord.
Our Ward mission Leader was married..... He was the best Ward mission
leader on the face of the planet but now he's not in our Ward. Sniff.
For the fun of it, I will tell you what I'm doing right now. I'm
sitting in sister Hunter's mansion. Sister Hunter is meeting with the
Stake YW's president in the room next room. They're talking about
they're visit with the Osmond's. No big deal. Sister Hunter's sister
is Diana Holscher. "Sleeping Through Gethsemane" ya. Listen to the
devotional if you haven't already. I looooove it.
Em.... So much to say. No time. All is well :)
Have a good week!