Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sister San Diego

Tornados. Snow. Hail. Lightning. Thunder. What is California?
How is everyone doing!?! Me? Fantastic!
Last P-day was great. We went to old town with a few other sisters and
swam in the streets. Rivers would be a better word.

On exchanges this week, Sister Leyva from Mexico came here to POWAY
with ME. She's hilarious. Convert as of a few years ago and BAM!
Crossed life paths by serving the Lord. We taught a TON! Added a guy
named W who knows the church is true. He was pretty interesting.
Reminds me of Spock. (Oh and later that week we taught him with Sister
Schmitt! She's one powerful teacher)
During that same exchange, our Ward mission leader had signed up to
have us over for dinner and it was suuuuuper creepy. He lives out in
the middle of no where. It was foggy. Coyotes were running around.
Dirt paths and poring rain. No.
But we finally found it. All is well.
Added a few other people this past week, M being one of the
funniest. He had been taught by sisters in the past and after we
taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our MEMBER invited him to be
baptized. Intense. He accepted and we set him with a date for next
month! Chill guy. Reminds me of my color guard instructor, Tiave ha!
Ate an entire bowl of Pho a few days ago. Didn't know my body could do
that. Pho effect: activated. But we had forgotten to schedule Lunch
into our day after Zone Meeting. Sister Stewart and I spent 45 minutes
teaching the Zone about the importance of working with members. I love
this zone. I love my companion. I'M LEARNING SO MUCH FROM SISTER
I've probably mentioned this in one of my past emails but I LOVE
working with the recent converts in this Ward. They truly build my
We had interviews with President Schmitt yesterday. I admire that
man.. So much. He truly is called of God. Even though I spoke with him
only a few minutes, it was one of the most powerful meetings of my
life. He inspires, motivates, lifts, and encourages me to do my best.
A few hours after interviews, we had our FHE activity at Bishop
Tengberg's house (mansion). What would you do for a Klondike bar? Jump
into a freezing pool then hot tub? Yes. We didn't stay long but it was
fun to watch the YSA's have fun. We had 3 investigators there so I
deem the activity a success.
In closing (...he)
Sunday's CES devotional. WOOF. Answers to prayers. I recommend going
back and reviewing :)
I'll be speaking next Sunday in sacrament meeting.
Everyone. The atonement is so real. Use it.
Today we hiked Potato Chip rock. Soooooo much fun!
-Sister Carlson

                                                       Our cute Mother-In-Law home.
Nice back yard
Hiking adventure on P day.

Potato Chip Rock