Friday, February 12, 2016

Sister San Diego

 Once... We went to 7 Eleven and Sister 'Eukaliti accidentally made the
slurpy machine explode. It went everywhere. All is well. The machine
is fine. But not my stomach. I laughed so hard, it made me sick.
The story of J continues!
J not only came to our Ward last week, but she attended church
while away on a trip and loved it. She has truly become converted and
it has strengthened my faith. Her family was questioning her decision
to get baptized, thinking she was doing it for the member that
introduced her to us.
To us she says:
"Of course not. He is the one who introduced me to the church, but not
to God. I want to be baptized by the restored church with the legit
authority form God, and I want my spiritual growth to be with the true
church which is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Would
I have probably not known about this if it weren't for him? I'm not
sure. But God put in my heart that this is the next step to
strengthening my faith which is something I've been seeking for a long
time. I want to be an official member of the Church and want to defend
the church against those who criticize it who don't see how plain and
simple and most importantly true all of this is. God is so real and
from reading the Book of Mormon and going to the lessons and praying I
just want people to know about Heavenly Father and experience the love
that he gives me so generously. idk why I'm crying."
She was literally introduced to the church 2 weeks ago.
A few minutes before Saturday ended, I felt the impression to go find
a potential investigator in Saber Springs. SO WE WENT! And didn't find
them. But we ended up getting locked inside a complex on accident.
With little time until curfew, we became somewhat concerned... BUT!
There was a girl (YSA!) getting home and rummaging through her car. So
we asked her how to get out then taught her the restoration and
invited her to be baptized. She said "OF COURSE!" What's great is this
experience didn't happen not once, but twice! The next night with a
great kid named Daren.
Companionship is great! We went to the temple today to seek revelation
on how we can meet the standard of excellence every week this month.
After companionship study and our temple visit, we came to 3
1. we need to valiantly follow every spiritual prompting we receive,
no matter how small
2. We to to keep our Ward mission leader and Bishop more in the loop.
3. Exact obedience. It's a thing.
Sister E's first MLC. It was great.
We taught at Zone Meeting. It was great.
The AP's called and they want me to sing come thou fount at MTE's.
It's going to be great.
MTE's... They're coming.
-Sister Carlson