Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sister San Diego

9 months in.... 9 months to go...................nope.
Let's get going. The time is far spent.
Once upon a time, I was driving the car. Sister 'Eukaliti was next to
me. She saw a man in an empty parking lot, playing his guitar. She
asked me if I played. Of course. We drove into the empty parking lot.
He played and sang for us. Then, I played and sang for him. He became
extremely excited and wanted me to sing with him. Although he wasn't
very interested interested in the gospel, he wants to come to some YSA
activities to jam out. Brilliant!
How is everyone!? Good? Yay? Nay?
W, our investigator (who refers to himself as a member) set a
date! He's been apprehensive about baptism because his parents are
anti and will disown him. He told us he didn't want to prolong his
eternal happiness any longer. I cried. Just being in his company
strengthens my faith!
He wants to be baptized in a month! He also finds it very
uncomfortable to pray in front of people but has slowly been getting
over that. Also! He wants to bare his testimony next fast Sunday :)
ASL! Yup. I used it in real life. Sister E went up to this random lady
in a huge complex and asked her if she knew any college age kids. The
women looked at Sister E confused then pointed to her ears. Sister E's
face lit up, and she looked at me with a spark in her eye. "TAKE IT
Turns out she was already a member but I loved having a conversation with her :)
Goat service. All the goats are extremely pregnant. Actually, some gave birth.
Right now, Sister Pilkington is playing the first game name. She is failing.
This morning we drove to the institute for auditions. Sister
Richardson asked me to sing Where Love Is for the next mission
president's devotional in Chula Vista (this Sunday). I am so grateful
for Sister Whitcomb... She's always got my back. I thank her mother
for making her practice the piano ;)
Ah! I love getting to see the sisters. I'm a huge fan of Sister
Wilson, Starr, Stewart, Purcel, Pilkington... Pretty much everyone.
Being around them just makes my week.
I've been having a party with Sister 'Eukaliti! She tells me all these
crazy stories about Tonga. I've been learning so much:
Ka Take Koa Toko.
O Fa Too.
Too low.
Mate ma'ah Tonya!
The list goes on.
I have so much respect for her and her culture. Just in the car today,
she was telling me the history of Tonga and we both kept tying it to
the stories in the Book of Mormon.
Have a good week!
I really do love you all.
-Sister Carlson