Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sister San Diego

I introduced Sister Stewart a few weeks ago to hot sauce... Now she
puts it on literally everything. Corn, broccoli, cucumbers, eggs, you
name it. What have I done.
So once upon a time, Sister Starr and Sister Stewart street contacted
this guy named M. They went back to meet him later on but he
wasn't home... *cough* SO! We went over Wednesday, then continued to
meet with him Thursday... Then Friday... Then Saturday.... Then
SUNDAY! He's eating the gospel up and wants to be baptized February
13. He's 25, very humble, very willing to learn, very cool.
Ha! Our entire Thursday was lesson after lesson after lesson. I've
never had such a busy day teaching. And it just so happened to be on a
weekly planning day. Sha ding.
Speaking of Sha ding, I went on an exchange this week with Sister
Purcell! She grew up in Australia but was originally born in New
Zealand. She actually lives a few streets down from mission
headquarters for Anna Casperson's mission. Whaaaaat? I know. She's one
of the best missionaries I've ever met, and she taught me so much. Not
only of missionary work, but of life... And Australian things. Just
another one of those places I'll add to my list. Along with Japan,
Thailand, Korea, Switzerland etc etc etc. learned a new vocabulary:
Shrimp on the Barbie
Goo day mate
Shila (female)
Bloke (male)
Boot (trunk)
Car park (parking lot)
Musly bar (granola bar)
Fairdinkum (no worries)
That's gold (in ASL: help)
The dingo stole my baby
We had a lesson with one of their recent converts, Lima. She called me
her L-ow-Mae sister because of my turtle necklace. (Turtle in Samoan)
we laughed a lot. I love Lima :)
Right now we're making a chicken quesadilla for Sister Tengberg's
(Bishop's wife) landscaper, Pedro. Ok. Back from delivery. We
literally just ran around this mansion looking for Pedro so we could
give him his quesadilla. What?
Hmm.. What else happened this week.
OH! We'll be going to the Zoo next week with sister Purcell, Cortello,
Atwood, and Bartell. It's going to be the beeeeest.
AH! Sunday we had a Mission President's Fireside. M and another
one of our investigator's, A, CAME! THE SPIRIT OF GOD! I was on
the verge of crying pretty much the entire time. I was honored by the
presence of Sister Pilkington. She sat next to me. On the floor. My
FIRESIDE. Oh but it's called a devotional now. Haha! I just remembered
that during our rehearsal, we sang happy birthday to sister Wilson! I
know I've spoken of her in previous emails (the sister that every
other missionary looks up to, the BYU track team captain, she came to
my area for MTE's and we added 5 investigators that day, my idol, etc
etc etc I could go on for days) it was fun. She got up in front of
everyone and President Schmitt led us like a choir. Sister Richardson
afterwards was all.. "Why don't you follow my lead like that!?" HA!
Oh. Speaking of singing. Soooo.. While I was giving my talk to the
YSA's this Sunday, I was looking at the clock, then looking at the
sleepy crowd, then decided to sing a hymn because... I only had been
speaking for 4 minutes and I had 11 minutes to go. Wake up my friends.
Awake and arise your faculties. The talk was on thanking heavenly
father via prayer. I talked about dislocating Julie's arm when she was
a baby. I prayed pretty hard that day. 5 year old flash backs.
Goat service. I'm pretty sure the stench is permanently In-graven into
my nose. Funniest thing ever.
So many depressing things happen in one week, but so many hilarious
things come about also. San Diego has become sacred ground for me. My
Gethsemane. The place where I learned to use the atonement. The place
where I've been the most happy, yet knelt the most in despair. San
Diego will forever hold a special place in my heart.
I tell her all the time the things I love about her and she tells me
to stop but I won't.
Keep on Keepin' on folks.
Act on your faith. Go see miracles today.
-Sister Carlson