Friday, March 4, 2016

Sister San Diego

First and foremost. I roundhouse kicked a soccer ball as hard as I
could. Soon after leaving the bridge of my foot, the ball made contact
with a light in the gym. It exploded.
Woopsie poopsie.
Sisters Pilkington and Cortello's laugh echoed through the halls of
the church for a solid 5 minutes.
But hey,
All is well.

All is well. I've gotten into the habit of saying this. All. The. Time.
Sister E says it now too.
But, All is well.
Speaking of Sister Cortello, guess who was lucky enough to go on
exchanges with her this week!?! ME! Ah! It was a fantastic day full of
miracles. We were able to apply the things we learned in the training
(MTE) earlier that day and it made a world of a difference.
Have I talked about G S before? The tough man who cried
when we handed him a restoration pamphlet? Well... We taught him again
and more tears were shed. We knelt down then and there on the concrete
after having invited him to be baptized. Moments like these. You live
I learned so much from Sister Cortello and we basically laughed the
day away. Missionary work=pure joy.
She's fantastic!
As a mission, we've decided to set aside an hour of the day to
strictly street contact. We've been seeing miracles :)
This last week's miracles was J.
He was just sitting alone in a parking lot on his longboard listening
to music. We walked over, taught the restoration, invited him to
church, then invited him to be baptized. He was pretty open and we've
kept in contact! J though.
More miracles? Yes.
After dinner one day... We had set aside a time and a place to power
hour it around this specific complex. While driving down the street, I
just knew that we needed to be somewhere else. I told sister E. She
said "I know". So I turned right instead of left and the face of a man
named Daniel popped into my head. As a companionship, we decided to
courageously follow EVERY promoting of the spirit, no matter how
We drove all the way across town to try this potential we had met a
few weeks prior.
HE WAS HOME! And while Sister E followed up with him to see if he had
read in the BoM and or the restoration pamphlet, I looked down stairs.
Members lived below him. I asked D if he would be up for a field
trip. We went down stairs, knocked on the Mahalonah's door and had
Shawne, the father and husband of this specific household, bare his
testimony to D. The spirit was there. We taught in their home and
now Daniel is excited and ready to learn more and get baptized when he
knows what we are sharing is true. D though.
Another Miracle? What? Yes.
So we have this recent convert, G, who has a less active brother,
S, who had a friend over when we went to go see him. His
friend's name was B. We invited him outside to listen in on our
message we had for Spencer (but really... We just switched to the
restoration). We taught. Brandon doesn't know if there is a God. We
testified. S SHARED HIS EXPERIENCE OF BAPTISM! (Not expected)
We invited B to be baptized. He wasn't too sure but liked it
when we told him he joined the club ha! B though.
MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETING! Not only did we have MTE's (oh yes, and I
sang come thou fount at it per President's request) this last week at
district meeting, Stake Conference, AND MLC (mission leadership
Woof. My brain feels fried but I love it. And it doesn't stop there!
We have Zone conference in a few days up at camp Wildwood. We're going
hiking. What? I know. I'm so excited. Sister E has never gone hiking
before. Sister Wilson invited her to repent.
It's going to be fun :)
We'll be going back to Sister E's old area this week for a baptism!
His name is Rick, she's so excited it's cute.
I love Sister 'Eukaliti so much. My heart. May burst. I love all the
people I've met while on the mission. Ah! The thought of going hiking
with half of them makes me giddy. But... I heard it might be a silent
hike. Flabbergasted.
Anything else important happen this week?
Oh! We dropped M. At the temple.
He needed a break. Valissa came and jammed out after the lesson on the
drive home to keep things somewhat not awkward. Valissa though :)
So much love for her.
Love love love love love. Missions though.
Have a good one :)
-Sister Carlson