Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sister San Diego

We're teaching everyone's significant other.
Where love is.... There God is also.
From everyone's emails to me this week, sounds like General Conference
was just as much of a revelatory experience for y'all as it was for
BUT! Before I get into the gold, let's talk the work:
W  (Dating one of our members: S) He's still excited and
prepared as ever for his baptism this month! I've spoken of him in the
past. He's our Spock. He knew that Joseph Smith was a true prophet but
still had a few questions about him translating the Book of Mormon, so
we took him to the Mormon Battalion! We watched the 60 minute Joseph
Smith movie with him and bore powerful testimony of Joseph Smith at
the end. He doesn't have questions anymore.
At least about that... Everyday, he'll text us another really random
doctrinal thing. Not that he's bothered by it, he just goes deep. So
we answer simply. Ha!
We're preparing him for the temple! So! We took him to the temple and
talked about missionary work happening on this side of the veil, and
the other. He can't wait to perform baptisms for his deceased family
members :)
We have a few other less active members that have never gone to the
temple that we're helping prepare to go! Exciting stuff!
M(Dating a returning less active member: A) accepted the
invitation to pray! Up until this point, he's been atheist most of his
life so that was a big step. Funny how seeing him get fired up for the
gospel is igniting Allison's flame!
EHEM... The other day we pulled up to this left turn lane, and to our
right, was a girl yelling and screaming in her car. Our windows were
rolled up, but... We could tell she was mad. Whoever she was talking
to on the phone hung up and she continued screaming. Sister E slowly
rolled down her window and asked if she was ok. The gal then punched
her dashboard, pieces flying, then sped away. I said a little prayer
in my heart that "if it be your will, put her back in our path". An
hour later we found her storming up the stairs of his random complex
we decided stop by. Woof. We followed her up, but her roommates said
she wouldn't come out of her room. So we wrote her a quick note about
not being alone, stuck it on her windshield, and left.
We received a text the next day. Guess who? Her! She thanked us for
our kind words and said it made all the difference in the world. God
is good.
Her name is Z.
D finally popped up on our radar again! We had dinner with him
yesterday with the members that live below him, the Mahelona's! Chava
told me that she wants to travel the world with me after the Mish. Ok
Chava. Why not. Their children make me smile so big, made me kind of
miss family Ward. All is well. Daniel said he's still interested, just
has had a lot happen to him in the last few weeks. His parents both
are having medical problems. Guess what we're teaching next? Plan of
General Conference!
Oh my goodness. I don't what it is about watching as a missionary, but
it's completely different. Especially when your companion is straight
out of the Book of Mormon and can't sit down after having stood for
president Monson. Her eyes would glow with compassion and love for him
and each of the apostles as they approached the podium to declare
their messages to the world. Some of my favorite things from the
conference didn't even happen while we were watching! During the
Sunday two hour party time in between the morning and afternoon
sessions, a few of our members told us that they received the
confirmation to serve a mission! One of the most tender moments
happened while we taught an investigator about prophets. We had
brought Valissa with us (recent convert) and she bore a powerful
testimony about the prophet. Up until this point, she had been running
on faith when it came to believing President Monson was a true
prophet. But as she prayerfully prepared for this coming conference,
she kept this question in her heart. Sunday morning, she received an
undeniable confirmation that President Thomas S Monson was in fact a
true Prophet of God. I cried. Valissa.
It hit me this week that I love this area so much... I've come to know
such incredible people. MY HEART!!! Ah.
We've been listening to some incredible talks in the car via sister
Stew's jump drive. Ha! Find them. They have changed my life and
The conversion story of a Catholic Priest -Carpenter
Sleeping Through Gethsemane -Diana Houlscher
Why 1820 -Hyrum Smith
Cast Not Away Therefor Your Confidence -Jeffery R Holland
Profile of a Prophet -Hugh B Brown
Last but not least, yesterday we had MLC.
INSPIRED! Sister Pilkington emailed me the other day and told me to
read this talk about Christlike Leadership. Guess what we talked about
half the time? Ha :) ya that talk.. Thanks Suzie ;)
"Jesus: The Perfect Leader"
My heart swelled as we talked about loving others and seeing people
for who they truly are. We all know people are "children of God", but
do you believe it?
A correct understanding of our heavenly heritage is essential. Your
spiritual DNA is perfect.
We are ALL refugees. But God loves us!
1st commandment - love others with all thy heart might mind and
strength. 1st truth- God loves us with all his heart might mind and
strength. How could he not. God cannot desert us. He never has. He
never will. Do the best we can to live the gospel, tomorrow will be
magnificent. Why? Because our Heavenly Father wants it to be. HE WANTS
Now. Share this knowledge with those you love!
Well. Yes. General conference. MLC. I'm on cloud nine. And I'm not
coming back down :)
Have a good week!
-Sister Carlson