Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sister San Diego

MLC! Fantastic, as always. They just keep getting better. We discussed
a lot about Leadership, love, obedience, and what we can take from
General conference!
Some thoughts from MLC and my studies:
Obedience is everything. If we didn't have obedient missionaries, we
wouldn't have a mission. Exact obedience is where miracles stem from
(conversion being one of those miracles) and as long as we are trying
our very best to be our very best, God will help us. This is his work,
not ours. I Loved what President Utchdorf said about obedience! Some
items that came to mind from Uchtdorf's talk:
As you increase in faith, you must also increase your faithfulness.
There is nothing Good, unless you do it.  if our faith does not change
the way we live, our religion is vain. Obedience is the life blood of
faith. Commandments. Not bending twisting and pounding us into
something we are not, but to Discover what we truly are made of. We
are created by our mighty God. We are literally his spirit children.
Obedience is a liberating path to home. He will carry us home. We just
have to catch the wave! And I recognize that as a leader I am standing
at the front of this vision. A culture of obedience. I will do
everything in my power to set the example and lift the other sisters
around me, not only in preparation for Jeffery R Holland, but for
setting this standard to continue year round.
God is Good. God is always Good :)
After MLC, Sister E and I taught more on Love during our Zone meeting.
The spirit was even stronger the second time around. Maybe because I'm
the one testifying of God's character instead of just listening. "In
learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn". Oh Tarzan.
A BABY GOAT DIED! We had a funeral. Hermana Hansen was literally on
the verge of tears. All is well though, the siblings survived.
Speaking of Hermana Hansen she's a hoot n' a half! New to the zone and
I love her. She's part Japanese so I'll always start speaking to her
in Japanese and she actually knows quite a bit. Party!
Went on an exchange with Sister Sanputhorn!
Sister Sanputhorn and I had a great time here in Mt. Woodson and of
course the best part about an exchange is when you can help a sister
see and be a part of a busy, successful day! We added an investigator
named Fernando and explained to him truly what baptism was and after
the explanation, he wanted nothing more than to learn more :)
Our Power hour (with a member present ha!) was full of great contacts!
We gave out many copies of the BoM and invited everyone to be
baptized! We gave out many referrals and continue to hear positive
feedback from the other missionaries about everyone's progression!
Sister Sanputhorn is awesome. She's actually best friends with one of
my trainer's Sister Saedan! The day was full of Thai speaking and
strolling down memory lane. I loved it and I love her. Sister Saedan,
yes. We talked about you a lot ;)
My Birthday was incredible. One I shall never forget! It was spent
with Sister E whom I love! We were able to go to the temple. One of
the most spiritual experience of my mission. Let's just say President
is amazing and I thank him.
Random memory from the day:
Sis Wilson texted us in the middle of weekly planning Wilson: welcome
to the old ladies club ;) life is great 20+
Sister E response? "yes, welcome on board my friend! Take a seat, pick
up an oar, and start rowing to your 21st century."
Didn't make too much sense but I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for the gifts. I feel the
love and am grateful! Thanks Sis Stew for the cake! Family for the
package. It was just a great day!
Interviews were this week with President. That man. Him and his wife
are two of the greatest people to have walked the earth. Sister
Schmitt and I had a lengthy discussion as well. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MY
HEART MAY BURST! Huh... I think i've said this before.. Repetition
brings conviction! Get it. Got it. Good.
Today, we went to the institute yet again for music auditions. I'll be
singing again at this next Mission President's Devotional in Santee!
It means I was able to hang with Sis Purcell and Whitcomb for a bit
this morning.... Love. Love love love.
Jeffery R Holland coming. I've never been more excited for anything in
my entire life. He is MY missionary. Where MY personal conversion
story began. At a time in my life when I wasn't too sure about things,
I KNEW that he was truly a man called of God. I still to this day know
that he knows without a fiver of doubt that God lives. While I no
longer depend on his testimony like I once did, he has still literally
answered every soul searching question I have ever had, through every
General conference. My love for him is unmeasurable. I. Cannot. Wait.
Again, thank you for all of your support! I feel your prayers.
-Sister Carlson
                                                                    New Birthday Outfit

                                                             Twenty is old, new dentures.

Poway San Diego, California

Missionary Leadership Conference