Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sister SanDiego

Why poop n' paint you ask?
Because yesterday we painted someone's house then went to the goat farm to scoop poop. It was a good day.
Got milk? Feed those baby goats. feed um.
Quite the week and we're in store for another one. WOOOOO! Sister Wilson once said that a mission is like a pressure cooker for growth. I conquer. So much stress it's fantastic! (She actually just said that today so... wait till the end of this email.)
Wednesday morning we headed over to a potentials house named Libra. We drove up to find a bunch of moving trucks and no Libra. We asked them though if they needed any help and the woman (Paula) waved us in. No questions asked. She explained what she needed us to do. We agreed, drove home for a minute to get into some appropriate clothes then called the rest of the zone over. The woman Paula told us first thing how the previous night she had prayed specifically for mormon missionaries. TADA! Then I started singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (why?.. I don't know) And Paula started crying. She told us that song was sung at her mothers funeral. She asked us great questions and we shared with her our testimonies. Leave it to say, it was a fantastic opportunity and they are willing to hear more. Missionary work is life.
Alex with the dreads!
Once upon a time, we had a fantastic pass off lesson of the Lake Hodges sisters. They found this cool painting man named A. Picture the perfect restoration lesson. That was it. he said in reply to us challenging him the BoM: "I don't think I could read the entire thing tonight, but I could probably get half way through it." Oh A.
W passed his baptismal interview! We were on exchanges that day so I congratulated him the day after. Turns out there's going to be a million people there. We're going on exchanges the day before. Good times. Stress City. But it's okay because I love the kid.
So many other fun times this week but alas.. no time.
What will I do then? Quote Sister Wilson because I couldn't have said it any better and in fact, the one exchange we went on together, we talked about this the entire time:
"I want you to know that to me, being a returned missionary will mean EVERYTHING. I have served my Father with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. I have gone out of my comfort zone day in and day out to represent my Savior and help others know of His love. I have prayed more, cried more, laughed more, and loved more than I ever have. I have been yelled at, made fun of, and had doors slammed in my face. I have watched people turn their lives in a complete 180. I have watched people repent and become clean. I have helped people who were rejected by their families enter into a covenant with God that they knew was right. I have understood the gospel and the Book of Mormon more in 18 months than I ever had in 23 years. I have abandoned everything and everyone at home to focus on my Savior and his message 24/7. I have given it my ALL. I will go to my grave telling every man, woman, and child that they should, no, that they NEED to serve a mission. That's how much this means to me! This means everything to me. There will not be a day in my life that I won't think of my mission. I have worked hard to join the greatest club in the Mormon church....that of an "RM". I want you to know that being a returned missionary means the world to me!!"
there she goes. Amen. Till we meet again to her AND Sister Weidmann. 
-Sister Carlson