Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sister San Diego

No time.... But eh, I'll be skyping in next week ;)
Then you'll never hear my voice for 6 months... Ha!
As to when we will be skyping? I am not sure. Both of our wards meet
before 12 so it will probably be eveningish.
Be at the ready :D
I'm loving being back in North Zone! #1!!!! Today, I'm in a trio with
Sister Essymba and Sister Clarke from Temple Square (whom I went on an
exchange with Saturday). Wow.
I just realized what a stressful week I just had HAHA! Ah man :) God
is Good though and so many incredible things happened.
Let's see... So much has happened.
And what an incredible event it was.
I can't even put it into words. Basically, I had the most spiritual
experience of my entire life.

Later, I came to realize that it's all in my patriarchal blessing. How
sweet the gospel is. W cried and cried and cried. His entire
atheist family came and really enjoyed it. I sang "I Stand All
Amazed".. Couldn't get through the 3rd verse without choking up.
We taught the restoration! When I started talking about families, I
pulled up a picture of y'all and started crying again. So many tears.
This mission has not only changed my heart but my entire life. I'm
fortunate enough to return to my refiners fire. I will only come out
stronger. Let the growing begin.
My exchange with Sister Clarke was amazing. Getting to go back to UC
2nd was incredible. I've probably said this before but Sister Clarke
is legit Hanna Ockey. They are the same person. Hanna just so you
know. You would be an incredible missionary.
We had an amazing time together and taught incredible people.
The next day we basically had another baptism. Filled the font,
taught, prepared the music. It was for the Zone Leaders but... We take
credit ;)
Stress city! Haha! It's been great.
W's confirmation on Sunday was great. His little Sister Morgan
came! She's 15 and is basically Julianna.... So Boo. I know what you
would be like if you were atheist ha!
Leaving Mt. Woodson was a hard thing to do..
Those people.
I won't be able to go with W to the temple but I know the new
sisters will have a great time with him there.
I am SO looking forward to working here in the La Jolla YSA and SD 7th
wards! Our new apartment is beautiful and I had a great Prep day with
the Zone. I know miracles are waiting and I'm so pumped.
I love you all!!!
-Sister Carlson