Saturday, May 7, 2016

Email to Jess April 2016

Dear Jess,

Conference just ended and we are all happy and uplifted. The spring weather is beautiful outside so I opened all the windows. My eyes are kind of itchy from allergies but I don't care. I just love conference weekend. I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday so I'm happy to have a clean house as well.

Some of the talks that stick out in my mind are probably the most recent Sunday talks. I really like it when apostle's share stories about the veil. When Elder Cook shared about the extra person in the mirror in one of the celestial rooms I went wow. That daughter was aloud to show herself from the other side so she could be sealed to her parents. I can't wait to see my mom someday, I miss her although I think I felt her spirit a few days ago. Maybe because Three Lakes finally got sold. She told me about thirteen years ago if the property ever got sold I should pay off what we owe on our house.  I'll probably do that some time in a few days! I didn't think it was ever going to happen but it has truly come to pass!!

Another talk that touched me was the General Authority from England. Not only did I love his accent but he opened my heart for the families that have to leave the Middle East. He also touched Elder Uchtdorf as well. I'm glad the church is reaching out to help all the millions of refugees. The news tends to make the refugees sound like a bread in place for terrorist. How can that be when half of them are children.

Elder Gong opened up his talk about his wife losing her cell phone which was great and Elder Hales gave a funny  story about the young man having a dream who his future wife should be. The young woman he was dating gave an awesome answer!

I'm so happy to observe that your two sisters seem to growing closer. They really enjoyed going to the new Saturday's Warrior movie last night. Jenny said the entire theater was almost all females since the show was during the priesthood session. Eliza Tuinei talked Julie into running for sophomore secretary. Eliza ran for Vice President and they both won on Friday. I now like to call Julie Madam Secretary. She also wants to try out for Concert Choir after spring break. I hope she doesn't get mono like I did when I was a teenager. So far she has been doing very well.

Any way I mailed your package on Friday and when I get paid on the 15th of April I'll deposit another fifty dollars in your account so you can go out to eat or go buy something. Thank you for being such a good example. We love you and pray for you every day.

Love, mom