Saturday, May 7, 2016

Provo City Temple Celebration March 2016

Dear Jess,

The Saturday night temple celebration is over and it's a good thing I didn't go because I nearly cried through the entire program. Dad and Jen should be getting home soon but I have a feeling Julie won't be home for a while. Not one seat was vacant at the BYU Marriot Center.  Wouldn't it be great if you some how got to watch it due to wonderful technology. I hope some time during the next few weeks you'll get to watch the most inspired program put on by 1,000 youth.

I cleaned out my closet this afternoon and boy am I giving a lot to DI. It feels good to get a little spring cleaning done now that the weather is getting soooo nice. This morning after cleaning our church I drove to the Provo Library and parked my vehicle like I do at least three times a week and did my walk to the BYU bell tower. I wasn't even planning on going into the Marriot Center to watch the dance temple rehearsal, but as I got closer I decided to go in and watch. Lo and behold guess who was running the entire finale? Miss Kathleen Shefield herself. Now I think I know why she didn't teach this year. The entire program moved so smoothly that I have a hunch she probably over most of the celebration.

Anyway dad and Jen just got home and they said a friend of dads met them at the Marriot Center and gave them reserved seats right behind the General Authorities! So they had great seats through the entire celebration. Tonight I need to get a decent sleep so dad and I can rise early to get to the 9:00 am dedication. We have to be seated thirty minutes early so we are planning on leaving around 7:30 am.

Your package came on Jake's birthday and Brittney really, really liked your gift! Jake liked it as well and he said he would read your letter later. That was so thoughtful of you to mail your brother as well as Hanna a gift. Your sister's and Eliza T are over there right now delivering the gift and singing a song for her that Julz wrote. I hope Jen emails you the song, it is very good and very thoughtful. Jared Ockey thinks they should put the song on YouTube and charge $1.50.

Back to Jake's birthday. Of course he wanted to go to La Casita so we could all gorge our selves. Some of us even took half our meal home but after having birthday cake from Costco we all were in a food coma. I rented a PG movie that everyone really liked and then Jacob taught Brittney how to play the card game, Exploding Cats. I still can't get over how nice Brittney is to Jake. She seems calm and laid back. They seem really good for each other.

Love, mom