Saturday, May 7, 2016

March 20, 2016

Email to Sister San Diego
Hi Jess,

We just got back from the temple dedication! It was so awesome!! Since dad and I got there an hour early we got to sit in the Terrestrial room. We even got to sit on the comfy cushion theater chairs that are so beautiful. (Everyone one in the Celestial room had to sit on folding chairs except Elder Oaks of course and the speakers. It pays to be early.) I think that's why dad and your sister got reserved tickets yesterday, because they went early. They already had the regular tickets that Julz's church leader gave me, but dad ran into the man he helped build the movie theaters in the temple parking lot so they got dang good seats in the Marriot Center. Come to think of it most of the couples in the Celestial room today were general authorities and stake presidents with their wives, so I'm sure they didn't mind sitting with an apostle on what ever chair there was available.

One of the most awesome parts was the beautiful window in our room that faces east. We had been sitting for about twenty minutes listening to the tab choir and watching movies of the different temples around the world on the TV screens when all of a sudden the sun came up over the mountain and shown through the beautiful large glass stained window!! The people to my left were smiling like me, it was great! It was like the Holy Ghost was joining us for the first Provo City Center Temple dedication. 😊
After about forty-five minutes Elder Oakes and his beautiful little wife came into the room, so  we all stood up as an apostle of the Lord walked up to the  the front of the room by the veil curtain and gave us a BIG wave!! That was really awesome! Elder Oaks conducted the meeting and gave a talk right before the dedicatory prayer. His voice was so deep and powerful I truly felt a witness that God's special witnesses are on the earth today.

Jenny Morrise sang in the small choir in the Celestial room, they sounded wonderful. In all it was a very memorable, glorious morning!

We only had to stand outside in line for about a half an hour early this morning and it wasn't even that cold thanks to my new pretty royal blue jacket I got at the DI for only $8.00. I think I'll call it my temple jacket from now on. There were spring flowers every where around the temple, it was just an all around wonderful day!

Love, mom

Early March email

Hi Jess, 

Michael VanWagoner just got home. Dad and Jen just went over to say hi. He was a strong missionary to stay out for two years. About every three or four months Kathy VanWagoner would announce in RS to pray for Michael. Due to his health issues he almost came home when he would get really sick but he stuck it out and that takes courage!

I forgot to mention Peg and Jeff Carter came up to dad and I after we gave our talk in the 1:00 pm 4th Ward Sacrament meeting. Peg attends the 4th Ward since she can't come to our 9:00 am meeting. (Due to the Tab Choir Spoken Word every week). Anyway, she thanked us for our talks and wanted me to say hi to you from her since she told me she doesn't get the chance to read your emails very often. So hi from Peg.